Fraser South Resident Director
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1. Hometown: Nanaimo, BC
2. Favourite Part About The Job: Getting to connect with students on the day to day. Learning about their lives and what makes them, them.
3. Favourite TWU Tradition: Fort Week by far is the best TWU Tradition
4. CliftonStrengths Top 5: Achiever, Relator, Belief, Responsibility, Command

Andrew grew up on Vancouver Island where he spent most of his high school days on the track. His passion for track and field led him to Trinity Western University where he competed as a 300m/600m runner. Later enrolling to TWU, Andrew felt unsure of what to expect from this new educational experience other than that he was going to work hard to complete his HKIN degree while being a student athlete.

After some time, neither sports nor the rigour of academics sparked his passion. It was the community he experienced at Trinity that truly captivated his heart. Andrew soon found myself involved as a Resident Assistant and then a Community Facilitator. After graduation, Andrew returned to Trinity to serve as a Resident Director; a role he is currently occupying.

Andrew is passionate about the opportunity which dorms provide for community pockets focused on the gospel. He believes that they can be a space where students can grasp what it means to be a loving friend, hardworking student, and intentional disciple of Christ. Andrew is currently working to complete his Masters in Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care through ACTS seminary.

Research & Scholarship


TWU – Bachelor of Human Kinetics