Associate Professor of Psychology; Chair of the Department of Social Sciences

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Chuck Macknee, Ph.D. is chair of the Social Science Department and has been teaching Psychology courses at TWU since 1989. As a practicing psychotherapist, his teaching on personality, sexuality, psychology and spirituality, and systems of psychology is complemented by examples from his counselling. He has created and conducted a number of summer Travel Study courses to Europe and retreat courses that are rich with experiential learning. Chuck is a qualitative researcher and has published six articles relating sexuality and spirituality as well as research on sexual self-esteem, spiritual components of psychotherapy, therapuetic training, and homeless people.

Research & Scholarship


B.A. (Trinity Western); M.A. (Trinity Evangelical); PhD (British Columbia)


Couples counseling, Grief and loss, History of psychology, Human sexuality, Psychology and spirituality, and Theories of personality