Research & Scholarship


B.Sc. (Multnomah), M.T.S. (Trinity Western), Ph.D. (Nottingham).

Recent Publications


A High View of Scripture: Biblical Authority and the Formation of the New Testament Canon. Evangelical Ressourcement series; ed. D.H. Williams; Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2007.

Revelation, Truth, Canon and Interpretation: Studies in Justin Martyr's Dialogue with Trypho. Supplements to Vigiliae Christianae 64; Leiden: E.J. Brill, 2002.


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"Evangelical Identities: Streams of Confluence and Historical Theology in Evangelicalism," Canadian Evangelical Review 37 (2010), 1-20.

“The 2008 Fideles Symposium on Scripture and Inspiration: Response,” Fideles 3 (2008) 29-48.

"Ressourcement and Chastened Rationality: Reflections on Gregory of Nyssa's Apophaticism," Canadian Evangelical Review, 34/35 (Fall 2007/Spr 2008), 20-51.

"What Are We Trying to Conserve?: Evangelicalism and Sola Scriptura," The Evangelical Quarterly 76/4 (2004) 327-348.

"The State of the New Testament Canon in the Second Century: Putting Tatians Diatessaron in Perspective," Bulletin for Biblical Research, 9 (1999) 1-18.

"Is a Translation Inspired? The Problems of Verbal Inspiration for Translation and a Proposed Solution." In Translating the Bible. Problems and Prospects (ed. Stanley E. Porter and Richard S. Hess; JSNTSup 173; Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1999) 85-113.


Early Christianity, Church Fathers, Development of Christian doctrine, Evangelicalism, Formation of the New Testament canon, Historical theology, and Justin Martyr.