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Biblical Studies & Christian Thought (MA)

Study alongside world-renowned biblical and theological scholars as you examine texts and learn to critically examine and interpret Scripture.
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An MA in Biblical Studies and Christian Thought from TWU places students alongside internationally recognized scholars and mentors in one of the largest and most dynamic religious studies departments in North America.

Become part of one of the most dynamic religious studies departments in North America. The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and Christian Thought at Trinity Western University is a specialized academic program led by expert faculty who prepare students to interpret Scripture and to investigate the major issues involved in biblical studies and the history of Christianity. 

Together, students and faculty engage in original research and critically examine biblical and related theological texts. They learn to formulate their own written contributions to the scholarly conversations in a style that is both professional and compelling. Students also benefit from visiting scholars by means of colloquia and department-sponsored seminars. 

The MA in Biblical Studies and Christian Thought has a proven and widely recognized track record of preparing graduates for entrance into and completion of doctoral programs at leading academic institutions where some of our graduates are now taking up academic positions. 


Certificate, Master of Arts (MA)

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    1-2 years or part-time
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    June 15 & November 1
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