Grant Havers, Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy; Chair; Department of Philosophy

Honours B.A., Phil (Calgary); M.A. (York); Ph.D (York);


Political philosophy, History of philosophy, Ethic of natural rights, Philosophy of the Enlightenment, Tension between reason and faith, and Right-wing political thought.

Awards & Honors

Davis Distinguished Teaching Award (2004)

Recent Publications

  • "The Politics of Paradox: Leo Strauss's Biblical Debt to Spinoza (and Kierkegaard),"  Sophia 54 (2015), pp. 525-543. 
  • Leo Strauss and Anglo-American Democracy: A Conservative Critique. (Northern Illinois University Press, 2013)
  • "Who is to say Nay to the People?  Publius, Majority Rule, and Willmore Kendall," Library of Law and Liberty 28 May 2012.  
  • "Conservatism True and False in America:  Evaluating Leo Strauss from the Right," Library of Law and Liberty 15 April 2012. 
  • "James Burnham's Elite Theory and the American Postwar Right," Telos 154 (Spring 2011), 29-50.  
  • "Northern Right," The American Conservative, March 2011.
  • "Natural Rightism and the Biogenetic Debate," in Gabriel R. Ricci, ed., Values and Technology:  Religion and Public Life, New Brunswick, NJ:  Transaction Publishers, 2011, 93-105.
  • "Is Liberal Democracy too Liberal?" Skepsis 21, vol.1 (2010), 47-61.
  • "Willmoore Kendall for our Times," Voegelin View, September 2010.  
  • "Lincoln, Macbeth, and the Illusions of Tyranny," The European Legacy 15, no.2 (2010), 137-147.
  • "Hegel from the Right," Salisbury Review 28, no.1 (Fall 2009), 26-28.
  • "Hegel, Christianity, and the Modern Philosophical Revolution," Fideles 4 (2009), 5-25.
  • "Lincoln and the Conservative House Divided," The Salisbury Review 27, no. 4 (Summer 2009), 25-27.
  • Lincoln and the Politics of Christian Love (U. of Missouri Press, 2009)
  • “Was Spinoza a Liberal?” The Political Science Reviewer 36 (2007), pp. 143-174.      
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