Heather Meyerhoff, MSN, RN

Associate Professor of Nursing

"I believe that every nursing encounter is an opportunity to witness the divine – to enter into a sacred connection with children and families during their times of deepest need. I am humbled and blessed to walk alongside students as they learn to embody the profession of nursing."

Heather Meyerhoff is Associate Professor of Nursing at Trinity Western University. After graduating from McMaster University in 1986 with her undergraduate degree in nursing, Heather pursued her passion for pediatric nursing by working at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto and BC’s Children’s Hospital (BCCH), Vancouver in both staff nurse and staff educator roles. In 1997, Heather was introduced to Trinity Western University and became a part-time clinical supervisor for third year students in their pediatric clinical rotation. When an opportunity was presented for a full-time faculty position at TWU, Heather joined the School of Nursing in 1999 where she combines her passion for nursing with her passion for students and their learning. 

Heather is a well-respected educator. She has taught numerous courses and contributed to the curriculum design of the current nursing program. Heather received the Davis Distinguished Teaching Award in 2015 in recognition of her excellence in teaching and her significant contribution to the pedagogical life of the University.

Since 2013, Heather has taken on administrative duties as Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Program) with primary responsibilities in the admissions and progression of undergraduate nursing students as well as student advising.

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (McMaster University)
  • Master of Science in Nursing (University of British Columbia)


Heather’s expertise is in the nursing care of children and families, chronic illness in children, and pedagogy in undergraduate nursing education.

The negotiation of religious and spiritual plurality in health care. ($63,341). Principal Investigator: S. Reimer-Kirkham. Co-investigators: H, Meyerhoff & B. Pesut. Funding: SSHRC (2006-2009)

Partnering with Aboriginal Communities: Type II Diabetes prevention in children and youth. ($63,341). Principal investigators: H. Meyerhoff & L.Van Hofwegen. Co-investigators: F. Richardson, S. Reimer-Kirkham, L. Terblanche, B. Luke, & C. Neufeld. Funding: TWU Diabetes Research Program (2005-2009).

Moral Dilemmas Encountered in the Provision of Intercultural Spiritual Care: Phase II. ($1,000). Principal investigator: S. Reimer-Kirkham. Co-investigators: H. Meyerhoff, B. Pesut, R. Sawatzky. Funding: Aid to Small Universities, SSHRC/TWU (2001-2004).

Moral Dilemmas of Nurses in the Provision of Intercultural Spiritual Care. ($3875). Principal investigator: S. Reimer-Kirkham. Co-investigators: H. Meyerhoff, B. Pesut, & R. Sawatzky. Funding: Aid to Small Universities, SSHRC/TWU, Religion, Culture, and Ethics (2001-2004).

A Cross-cultural Meta-ethnographic Study of Spirituality in the Context of Health. ($5666). Principal investigator: L. Chiu. Co-investigators: H. Meyerhoff, R. Sawatzky, & L. Van Hofwegen. Funding: UBC Salary Grant (2001-2002).

Family and Student Perceptions of the Family Assessment Project. (Unfunded). Principal Investigators: H. Meyerhoff & L. Van Hofwegen. (2001-2004).

Awards & Honors

  • Davis Distinguished Teaching Award, Trinity Western University (2015)
  • Promotion to Associate Professor, Trinity Western University (2008)
  • Tenure, Trinity Western University (2004)
  • Neimier Scholarship, McMaster University (1984)
  • Dr. Henry Lymon Hooker 4-year Entrance Scholarship, McMaster University (1982)

Recent Publications

Oostra, K., Astle, B., & Meyerhoff, H. (2019). Clinical reasoning on an assignment: Baccalaureate nursing students’ perceptions. Quality Advancement in Nursing Education, 5(1), Article 5. Published online. DOI: https://doi.org/10.17483/2368-6669.1152

Sharma, S., Reimer-Kirkham, S., & Meyerhoff, H. (2011). Filmmaking with Aboriginal youth for type 2 diabetes prevention. Pimatisiwin: A Journal of Aboriginal and Indigenous Community Health, 9(2), 423-440.

Reimer-Kirkham, S., Sharma, S., Pesut, B., Sawatzky, R., Meyerhoff, H., & Cochrane, M. (2011). Sacred spaces in public places: Religious and spiritual plurality in healthcare. Nursing Inquiry. Published online. DOI: 10.1111/j.1440-1800.2011.00571.x

Pesut, B. & Meyerhoff, H. (2005). When a student fails…. Journal of Christian Nursing, 22(4), 28-33.

Reimer Kirkham, S., Pesut, B., Meyerhoff, H., & Sawatzky, R. (2004). Spiritual care giving at the juncture of religion, culture, and state. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 36, 148-169.

Chiu, L., Emblen, J., Van Hofwegen, L., Sawatzky, R., Meyerhoff, H. (2004). An integrative review of the concept of spirituality in the health sciences. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 26, 405-428.

Meyerhoff, H., Van Hofwegen, L., Hoe Harwood, C., Drury, M., & Emblen, J. (2002). Restoring Meaning in Life Through Spiritual Nursing Interventions. Canadian Nurse, 98(3), 21-24.

Affiliations & Memberships

  • British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM) – Registered Nurse
  • Member, Spiritual Formation Institute, Trinity Western University

Current Courses

NURS 114: Introduction to the Profession of Nursing

NURS 342: Nursing Care of Children and Families

NURS 343: Clinical Practice: Family Health II

Past Courses

NURS 121: Nursing Concepts (Lab Skills)

NURS 232: Nursing Care of Adults

NURS 245: Nursing Care of Older Adults

NURS 321: Nutrition

NURS 402: Transcultural Nursing (Zambia)

NURS 465: Nursing Care of Adults in Community

NURS 482: Consolidation of Nursing Practice (Preceptorship)