Huizenga, Hyne-Ju
Sessional Assistant Professor of Leadership



Hyne-Ju Huizenga teaches for the Master of Arts in Leadership and International Degree programs at both the Langley and Richmond campuses.  She brings with her extensive management experience starting in 1990 until retiring in 2018.  She has worked in different capacities including marketing manager for various business units in the lower mainland, and working alongside the national marketing director on a campaign collaboration with the BC Lions and TSN, getting to be on the field for a live televised “Kick for a Million” event.  For those business units facing particular challenges, she was sent in to stabilize operations and facilitate change management, and was involved in transitioning the Wendy’s brand through two mergers and acquisitions.

There was a five year break from 1997 until 2002 when she lived in Chilliwack, and for a year, was welcomed to live on Soowahlie First Nation reserve.  She established a non-profit Family Place society, partnering with Chilliwack Community Services and Sto:lo First Nation.  As a founding member of the Board of Directors, she was Executive Director of the provincially registered non-profit society, focusing on the many indigenous communities in and around Chilliwack. 

Throughout her life, Hyne-Ju Huizenga has played many sports, including field hockey, volleyball, basketball, track, and has finished two full marathons.  For her undergraduate practicum, she established a Moms Group at her neighborhood church where she is part of the worship team, and it still continues today. 

Hyne-Ju Huizenga lives in Vancouver with her husband and two high school sons, Jacob and Marc, who both play for the province’s premier soccer High Performance League (HPL). She is also blessed with ten older children. Her eldest is her daughter whose name translates beautiful true, and serves as a Vancouver police officer. Then there is Emmanuel who completed his Masters and works in banking. Her next son's name translates forgiving and merciful in Korean. Job is the father of her three grandchildren, Euphrati, Magnus, and Katyusha. Joseph and Jeremiah live in Kelowna. Sarah Rachel graduated from UBC and teaches English in Korea. Noah was one of the youngest students at UBC, winning an entrance scholarship with his sister Sarah when they both graduated high school at the same time, even though she is two years older. Serenity Faith and Clarity Truth received scholarships to study in Ontario.

Research & Scholarship

Hyne-Ju Huizenga is a qualitative researcher whose scholarly interests relate to higher education leadership. Her focus is on the different perspectives of the strategy map and its impact on the sustainability and growth of private universities, including transnational initiatives.


  • Ph.D. (cand.) in Management, Specialization in Leadership and Organizational Change (Walden University)
  • Master of Arts, Major in Leadership (Trinity Western University)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Major in Leadership (Trinity Western University)
  • Public Leadership Certificate in Leading Programs: Using Evidence, Art & Practice of Leadership Development, and 21st Century Leadership (Harvard University)

Courses Taught


LDRS 310        Learning Organization

LDRS 320        Ethical Decision Making

LDRS 400        Managing Conflict & Interpersonal Relationships

LDRS 420        Leading Change


LDRS 500        Leadership Foundations

LDRS 614        Mission, Marketing, & Quality

LDRS 617        Employee Engagement & Stewardship