Isao Ebihara, D.Phil.

Instructor in Japanese

Born in Tokyo, Isao Ebihara completed his BA and MA in English Literature. He taught at a high school in Tokyo for year, before immigrating to in 1994, where he studied Theology, Psychology, Religion and Computers. He later earned his B.Th., MTSC, MDiv, and D.Phil. and has been teaching at TWU since 2000.

Isao has been teaching Introductory Japanese 101 & 102, Intermediate Japanese Directed Studies (201, 202 & 301) since the fall of 2002. Isao's academic interests include Japanese language, Asian animation and pop culture, as well as culture and spirituality. His non-academic interests are culinary adventure, trains and photography.

Isao's plans in near future include publishing several books and developing audio-visual tools to enhance Japanese language learning.

B.Th.; B.A.; M.A. (Tamagawa); M.T.S., M.Div. (ACTS); D.Phil. (Oxford, Tennessee)


English, Japanese.

Awards & Honors

  • Oxford Grail Award - for Doctoral Research from Oxford Graduate School, TN)

Recent Publications

  • Forum paper: "A Quest on Cyber Counselling" 1999 (Oxford Society of Scholars, TN)

Affiliations & Memberships

  • Oxford Society of Scholars
  • Japanese Language Teachers
  • Association of BC (JALTA)