Jack Reimer
Assistant Professor
+1 (604) 513-2121 ext. 2052


Jack joined TWU in the School of Human Kinetics in 1985, then called the department of Physical Education.  He started as a part time instructor and part time coach of the men’s volleyball team.  After a few years in this dual role he switched out of coaching into a sessional instructor primarily in sport and physical activity courses.  Over the years Jack has switched his focus out of the motor learning and skill development area, into the health and wellness area.  Jack has been the coordinator of the liberal arts core program in the School of Human Kinetics.  Jack has also recently resumed the role as coordinator of the leadership program in the School of Human Kinetics.  In this role he supervises all leadership experiences and internships in human kinetics.   TWU has recently completed a review of the liberal arts program which has led to significant changes in the role of the School of Human Kinetics in the core program. Out of this review a new interdisciplinary course in “Human Flourishing” has emerged and Jack has taken leadership in the development and implementation from the human kinetics perspective.  

Jack has been very involved in the Christian Society of Kinesiology, Leisure and Sport organization have been a director from 2009 to 2012   

Research & Scholarship

TWU faculty retreat Cedar Springs, Washington
Co-presenter with Dr Kent Clark
Nourishing the Self through Holistic Leisure and Spirituality

CSKLS Conference at Westmont College
Co- presenter with Dr Kent Clark (TWU)
A Holistic Perspective of Health Promotion: Addressing the “Modern Dualism between Body and Spritit in the Pursuit of Human Flourishing

CSKLS Conference at Westmont College
Co- presenter with Dr Gervais Deschenes (University of Ottawa) and Dr Paul Heintzman (University of Ottawa)
Integrating Religious and Spiritual Practices with Therapeutic Leisure within the Recovery Process of Persons with Mental Disorders

International Conference on Health Promoting Universities (Kelowna BC) University of British Columbia in the Okanogan
Co- presenter with Dr Sally Willis Stewart (UBCO)
Healthy Students & their University Experience: Course Proposal and Evaluation

CSKLS Conference at Baylor University
Co-presenter with John Byl (Redeemer University)
A Review of Athletic Mission Statements of Christian Colleges

CSKLS conference at College of the Ozarks
History of Health and Physical Activity Courses in the General Education Curriculum

CSKLS conference at Seattle Pacific University
Investigating the Impact of Competition on Spirituality: in competitive sport, the conceptual phase

CSKLS conference at Gordon College
New Wellness Models

CSKLS conference at Messiah College
Co-presenter with Gary Naylor
Christian Character Development through Competitive Sport

Scholarly writings

Integrating Religious and Spiritual Practices with Therapeutic Leisure within the Recovery Process with Mental Disorders. Published in Counseling et spiritualité/Counselling and Spirituality, 34(2), 29–60. Co- authored with Gervais Deschênes & Paul Heintzman,

History of Physical Fitness, Sport and Wellness Classes in the General Education Curriculum of Colleges and Universities (unpublished manuscript)

The Christian Competitor
Published in the Mennonite Brethren Herald, February, 2010

An Investigation into the Effect of Online and Face to Face Health and Physical Activity Instruction At Tertiary Institutions. (accepted proposal for doctoral dissertation at UNISA)

Christian Sport A Game of Ethics: a comparison of the Christian and competitive ethics (unpublished manuscript)

A Book Review: Spirituality of Sport: Balancing Body and Soul By Susan Saint Sing (2004) submitted for publication in the International Journal of Religion and Sport

The Stinson Wellness Model: an empirical study
(an unaccepted proposal for my doctoral dissertation at UNISA)


  • Doctorate of Education - University of South Africa (not completed)
  • Master of Education- Western Washington University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Education- Western Washington University

Professional Certificates

  • Core-coordinator for the School of Human Kinetics
  • BC Teachers Professional Certificate
  • National Coaching Certification Program
    - Tennis level 1
    - Skiing level 1
    - Badminton level 2
    - Volleyball level 2

Recent Publications

  • Book Review of "Spirituality of Sport: Balancing Body and Soul" by Susan Saint Sing (2004) published by St Anthony Messenger Press. Journal of Spirituality of Sport (In Press)
  • Reimer, J (2008) "Christian Sport a Game of Ethics: integration of Christian and competitive ethics" (In press)

Affiliations & Memberships

  • Member of the Christian Sport, Kinesiology, and Leisure Studies Association


  • Christian sport
  • Motor learning and physical skill development
  • College students health
  • Human flourishing for emerging adults
  • Theology and health promotion

Courses Taught

Theory Courses

  • FNDN 102 - Human Flourishing
  • HKIN 190 - Fitness and Wellness
  • HKIN 295 - Health Education
  • HKIN 376 - Motor Learning
  • Supervised leadership courses (CO-OP program)
  • HKIN 385 - Sport Analysis
  • HKIN 325 - Social and Cultural Aspects of Sport
  • HKINN 440 - Global Perspectives in Sport
  • HKIN 495 - Senior Seminar in Human Kinetics 

Activity Courses

  • Badminton
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball