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"I am passionate about exploring the arts as a way of knowing, expressing, healing, and disrupting in healthcare, and mentoring nursing students in their professional development."

Dr. Kendra Rieger joined the TWU School of Nursing in 2020 and brings a wealth of research, teaching, and practice experience to her role. She has extensive clinical experience in various in-patient settings and expertise in arts-based approaches in healthcare and evidence synthesis. As an expert in the emerging field of arts and health research, she is an innovative and highly productive scholar who is advancing methodological approaches to develop new knowledge.

Her program of research focuses on arts-based research methods to promote health equity, arts and health initiatives for psychosocial care, arts-based educational strategies, creative knowledge translation approaches, and systematic reviews (see below diagram). Her funded research projects include examining the use of storytelling as a method in Indigenous health research, using digital storytelling as an arts-based method to understand Indigenous women’s experiences of breast cancer, investigating mindfulness-based arts interventions for the psychosocial care of patients with cancer, evaluating the impact of an arts-based knowledge translation strategy in oncology, and incorporating an arts-based multimedia assignment in nursing education.

She has received numerous awards for research excellence including a Society for Integrative Oncology New Investigators’ Forum Award, Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba Medal of Excellence, and CIHR Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarships Doctoral Award. She is also a passionate and dedicated educator and has 15 years of teaching experience, first as a nursing instructor at Red River College and then as an Assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba.

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Research & Scholarship

Dr. Rieger’s research program explores the arts as a way of knowing, expressing, healing, and disrupting in healthcare. She uses arts-based methods, including photo- and art-elicitation, and is especially passionate about employing storytelling methods to understand the health and illness experiences of diverse groups of people to promote health equity. She enjoys working collaboratively with researchers, patients, and stakeholders to develop relevant research findings which can positively impact the health and well-being of Canadians. She is focused on research with individuals living with life-threatening illnesses and uses qualitative and mixed-methods approaches. She has expertise in conducting quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods systematic reviews. She is also committed to supporting colleagues and graduate students in their research projects, as a substantive or methodological expert.

Some of Dr. Rieger’s research projects are highlighted below. For a full list of her work, please see her CV or

Elevating the Uses of Storytelling Approaches Within Indigenous Health Research: A Patient-Engaged Scoping Review Study Involving Indigenous People and Settlers

Structurally disadvantaged populations face marked health inequities as they navigate their illness experiences. In Dr. Rieger’s funded research project, Engaging patients and Elders in an exploration of Indigenous women’s experiences of breast cancer using digital storytelling, the research team engaged with First Nations women to assess the feasibility, meaningfulness, and appropriateness of using digital storytelling to explore their breast cancer experiences. Based on the feedback, they are embarking on a CIHR funded research project in which the workshop participants have become full research team members to elevate storytelling as a decolonizing method in Indigenous health research.

Rieger, K.L. (Nominated Principal Applicant), Gazan, S. (Principal Knowledge User), Bennett., M., Buss, M., Chudyk, A., Cook, L., Copenace, S., Garson, C., Hack, T.F., Hornan, B., Horrill, T., Horton, M., Howard, S., Linton, J., Martin, D.E., McPherson, K., Phillips-Beck, W., Rattray, J., & Schultz, A. (2020-2022). Elevating the uses of storytelling approaches within Indigenous health research: A patient-engaged scoping review study involving Indigenous people and settlers. CIHR Catalyst Grant - Patient-Oriented Research. $100,000

Rieger, K.L. (Principal Investigator), Bennett, M., Hack, T.F., & Martin, D.E. (2018 - 2019). Engaging patients and Elders in an exploration of Indigenous women’s experiences of breast cancer using digital storytelling. George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation Funding Award for Patient and Public Engagement. $2000

The Experience of Mindfulness-Based Expressive Arts Among Patients With Cancer

Upon receiving a life-threatening diagnosis, life irrevocably changes, and complex experiences of emotional distress often occur. There is a growing interest in the integration of mindfulness practices with expressive arts to address patients’ distress. Dr. Rieger is leading a constructivist grounded theory study to develop a theoretical understanding of how patients with cancer experience, utilize, and draw meaning from a 10-week mindfulness-based expressive arts group. This study will provide concrete “how-to” information that will enable practitioners to implement more effective health services for patients who have cancer.

Rieger, K.L. (Principal Investigator), Hack, T.F., Campbell-Enns, H., Duff, M., & West, C. (2018 - 2019). The experience of mindfulness-based expressive arts among patients with cancer. The Manitoba Medical Service Foundation Operating Grant. $25,000 ($12,500 from the Manitoba Medical Service Foundation and $12,500 from The Winnipeg Foundation)

Evaluating The Impact of an Art-Based Knowledge Translation Strategy in Oncology

Arts-based knowledge translation can be used to share study findings in an engaging and meaningful way with diverse audiences and foster critical reflection and dialogue. Dr. Rieger is leading the development and evaluation of an art exhibit that displays photographs of participants’ artwork alongside research findings from the aforementioned mindfulness-based arts study.

Rieger, K.L. (Principal Investigator)., Hack, T.F., Kenny, A., Archibald, M., Duff, M., Faucher, P., Dyck, T., & West, C. (2020 – 2022). Evaluating the impact of an art-based knowledge translation strategy in oncology. Manitoba Centre for Nursing and Health Research Grant. $7,500.

Evidence Synthesis Projects

Dr. Rieger has substantial expertise in conducting systematic reviews. She has published five systematic reviews and is currently involved in numerous evidence synthesis projects (see below). As well, she is a co-investigator and member of the CIHR-funded SPOR Evidence Alliance, a committee member on the international Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) mixed-methods reviews methodology group, and a core member of the Queen’s University Collaboration for Health Care Quality JBI Centre of Excellence.

Archibald, M. (principal investigator), Rieger, K.L. (Co-Investigator), & Woodgate, R. (2020-2021). A systematic review of living labs in healthcare. University of Manitoba University Research Grants Program. $10,000 over one year (Co-Investigator)

Rieger, K.L. (Principal Investigator), Chernomas, W.M., Duff, M., Lobchuk, M., Campbell-Enns, H., Nicolas, S., Demczuk, L., & West, C. (2017-2019). The effectiveness and experiences of mindfulness-based arts interventions in healthcare: A mixed methods systematic review. Manitoba Centre for Nursing and Health Research Grant Collaborative Research Grant Competition. $7,500

Tricco, A. (NPI) & Abou-Setta, A., Clement, F., Colquhoun, H., Curran, J., Godfrey, C., Isaranuwatchai, W., LeBlanc, A., Li L., Moffitt, P., Moher, D., & Straus, S. (PIs).  Operating Grant: CIHR SPOR – Guidelines and   Systematic Reviews. This SPOR network includes 76 co-investigators including Cepanec, D, Demzuk, L., Rieger, K.L, Temple, B., & Woodgate, R.L. Amount of funding: $4,997,000.00 (CIHR), plus $10,829,000 in matched funds 2017-2022.

West, C. (Principal Investigator), Rieger, K.L. (Co-Principal Investigator), Kenny, A., Chooniedass, R., Demczuk, L., Chateau, J., & Scott, S. (2017-2019). Digital storytelling as a method for health research: A mixed-methods systematic review. Manitoba Centre for Nursing and Health Research Grant. $7,500

Woodgate, R.L. (Principal Investigator), Rieger, K.L. (Co-Investigator), Cepanec, D., & Blanchard, L., (2019 - 2020). A secondary document analysis of the use of qualitative research evidence of patients’ perspectives in Canadian clinical practice guidelines. College of Nursing Endowment Fund Research Grant. $7,500


PhD in Nursing, College of Nursing, University of Manitoba, Canada (2012-2017). Thesis title: The arts as a way of knowing and expressing in undergraduate nursing education. Doctoral thesis is part of the Manitoba Heritage Theses Collection.

Master of Nursing, College of Nursing, University of Manitoba, Canada (transferred into the PhD in Nursing Program after one year of coursework) (2011-2012)

Bachelor of Nursing, with Distinction, University of Manitoba, Canada (2005)

Diploma of Nursing, Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing, Canada (1989)

Awards & Honors

2019 – Society for Integrative Oncology New Investigators’ Forum Award

2018 –  Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba Medal of Excellence

2014-2018 – Sir Gordon Wu Graduate Student Scholarship ($55,000)

2014-2017 – Canadian Institutes of Health Research Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarships Doctoral Award ($105,000). Declined last six months of funding to accept a tenure-track Assistant Professor position.  

2016 – Canadian Association for Nursing Research Rising Star Graduate Student Award

2013-2015 – Manitoba Health Research Council Studentship Award ($35,700). Declined second year of funding to accept a CIHR Doctoral Award.

2014-2015 – Joanne Greene Memorial Scholarship ($3,000)

2013-2014 – Irene E. Nordwich Foundation Graduate Student Award ($3,000)

2013-2014 – Foundation for Registered Nurses Graduate Scholarship ($2,175)

2012-2013 –  University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship Renewal ($12,000)

2012-2013 – Foundation for Registered Nurses of Manitoba Graduate Award ($2,040)

2012-2013 – Irene E. Nordwich Foundation PhD Award ($5,000)

2012-2013 – Margaret Elder Hart Graduate Study Award ($1,625)

2011-2012 – University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship ($12,000)

Recent Publications

For a full list of publications see:

Rieger, K.L., Chernomas, W.M., McMillan, D.E., & Morin, F.L. (2020). Navigating creativity within arts-based pedagogy: Implications of a constructivist grounded theory study. Nurse Education Today, 91(2020).

Rieger, K.L., Chernomas, W.M., McMillan, D.E., & Morin, F.L. (2019). The arts as a catalyst for learning with undergraduate nursing students: Findings from a constructivist grounded theory study. Arts and Health: An International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice, DOI: 10.1080/17533015.2019.160856

Rieger, K.L. (2019). Discriminating among grounded theory approaches. Nursing Inquiry, 26(e12261).

Rieger, K.L, Lobchuk, M.M., Duff, M.A., Chernomas, W.M, Campbell-Enns, H.J., Demczuk, L., Nicolas, S., & West, C.H. (2018). The effectiveness of mindfulness-based arts interventions on psychological wellbeing and fatigue in adults with a physical illness: A systematic review protocol. The JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports, 16(7), 1476–1484. doi: 10.11124/JBISRIR-2017-003446

**Rieger, K. L., **West, C.H., Kenny, A., Chooniedass, R., Demczuk, L., Mitchell, K. M., Chateau, J., & Scott, S. D. (2018). Digital storytelling as a method in health research: A systematic review protocol. BMC Systematic Reviews, 7(41), 1-7. **shared first authorship

**West, C., **Rieger, K.L., **Chooniedass, R., Adekoya, B., Isse, A., Karpa, J., Waldman, C., Peters-Watral, B., Chernomas, W., Scruby, L., & Martin, D. (2018). Enlivening a community of authentic scholarship: A faculty-mentored experience for graduate students at the 2016 Qualitative Health Research Conference. International Journal of Qualitative Methods,17(1-15) . doi: 10.1177/1609406918808122 **shared first authorship

Martin, D., Rieger, K.L., Lennon, S., Mordoch, E., Mangiacotti, R., Camilleri, K., Busola, D., Simpson, M., & Richard, A. (2018). Building bridges through understanding the village workshop: Transforming nursing students' perspectives of Indigenous people and Canadian history. Quality Advancement in Nursing Education, 4(2), 1-16.

Rieger, K.L., Hack, T.F., Beaver, K., & Schofield, P. (2017). Should consultation recording use be a practice  standard in oncology care? A systematic review of the effectiveness and implementation of consultation recordings. Psycho-Oncology, 1–8. doi 10.1002/pon.4592

Rieger, K.L., Chernomas, W. M., McMillan, D. E., Morin, F., & Demczuk, L. (2016). Effectiveness and experience of arts-based pedagogy among undergraduate nursing students: A mixed methods systematic review.  The JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports, 14(11), 139–239. doi: 10.11124/JBISRIR-2016-003188

Rieger, K.L., & Heaman, M.I. (2016). Factors associated with high levels of perceived prenatal stress among inner-city women. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing, 45(2), 180-195. doi:10.1016/j.jogn.2015.12.005

Rieger, K.L., & Schultz, A.S.H. (2014). Exploring arts-based knowledge translation: Sharing research findings through performing the patterns, rehearsing the results, staging the synthesis. Worldviews on Evidence-based Nursing, 11(2), 133-139. doi: 10.1111/wvn.12031

Rieger, K.L., & Chernomas, W.M. (2013). Arts-based learning: An analysis of the concept for nursing education. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 10(1), 1-10.

Affiliations & Memberships

2020 – Present       Adjunct Professor, College of Nursing, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba, Canada

2019 – Present       Adjunct Professor, Brandon University, Manitoba, Canada

2019 - Present        Core Member, Queen’s Collaboration for Health Care Quality: A JBI Centre of Excellence, Queen’s University, Canada

2019 - Present        Member, Psychosocial Oncology and Cancer Nursing Research Group, I.H. Asper Clinical Research Institute, Winnipeg, Manitoba  

2019 – Present       Member, Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology

2017 - Present        Member, SPOR Evidence Alliance

2017 - Present        Member, Arts Health Early Career Research Network

2014 - Present        Member, Arts Health Network Canada

2011 - Present        Member, Manitoba Center for Nursing and Health Research, College of Nursing, University of Manitoba


  • Arts and health interventions
  • Arts-based research
  • Photo- and art-elicitation methods
  • Storytelling methods
  • Digital storytelling
  • Health equity
  • Indigenous health research
  • Cancer research
  • Psychosocial care
  • Maternal-child health
  • Arts-based pedagogy
  • Nursing education
  • Knowledge translation
  • Arts-based knowledge translation  
  • Patient engagement
  • Philosophy of nursing science
  • Qualitative and mixed-methods methodologies 
  • Constructivist grounded theory
  • Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods systematic reviews

Courses Taught

Dr. Rieger has 15 years of teaching experience and currently teaches in the Trinity Western University School of Nursing graduate and undergraduate programs. She believes students learn best when they engage with concepts and others in their learning community, and actively integrate new knowledge with previous knowledge to better guide their future actions. She strives to support and challenge students in their development as professional nurses. She also places a high value on student engagement and enjoys developing and incorporating active and arts-based learning experiences to address the needs of diverse learners. She is passionate about mentoring graduate and undergraduate students in healthcare research.

Current Courses at the TWU School of Nursing:

NURS 692 Knowledge Translation

NURS 693 Knowledge Translation

NURS 434 Leadership in Nursing Care