Kenneth Pudlas, EdD

Professor Emeritus of Education

Areas of academic and professional interest

Inclusive education; special education; self-esteem and self-concept; social issues in education

Professional and community involvement

Canadian Society for the Study of Education; Canadian Association for Educational Psychology; Council for Exceptional Children; International Christian Community for  Teacher Education

  • BEd (British Columbia)
  • Diploma in Education of the Deaf
  • MA (British Columbia)
  • EdD (British Columbia)


Biblical views of exceptionality and special needs, Educational psychology and special education (how children learn, social, emotional, and cognitive development), Families of students with special needs, Inclusion issues, Learning theory, Self-concept, Self-esteem, Social issues in education, and Teaching exceptional students (those with special needs)

  • EDUC 200 Introduction to the Principles of Teaching
  • EDUC 211 Psychology Applied to Teaching
  • EDUC 310 Exceptional Child in the Regular Classroom
  • EDUC 363 History of Western Educational Thought
  • EDUC 365 Social Issues in Education
  • EDUC 400 Principles of Classroom Management
  • EDUC 412 Programming for the Exceptional Student
  • EDUC 513 Current Issues and Research in Students with Diverse Learning Needs
  • EDUC 516 Students with Diverse Cognitive Needs
  • EDUC 518 Students with Diverse Sensory Needs
  • EDUC 519 Special Topics in Diversity
  • EDUC 599 Ethical Issues in Diversity - Capstone Course