Paul Yang has over twenty years teaching experience, lecturing on physics and physics education, as well as Christian worldview and creationism. He has served as the director of the Vancouver Institute for Evangelical Wordlview as well as the Director of the Christian Worldview Program of ACTS.

Research & Scholarship


B.S. Physics; M.S. Physics; M.A. History of Science; M.A. Theological Studies; Ph.D. Physics.

Recent Publications

  • Drowned Duck. (Worldview Essay Collection). Joy Mission Press, 2006.
  • Creation & Catastrophes. Jeyoung, 2006.

Affiliations & Memberships

  • American Scientific Affiliation (U.S.)
  • Creation Research Society (U.S.)
  • Disciples with Evangelical Worldview (Korea)
  • Korea Association of Creation Research (Korea)


English, Korean.