Rose Hirowatari, BSc

Sessional Instructor of Chemistry

Rose lives in Abbotsford with her husband and children. She enjoys teaching labs at TWU and gets especially excited about developing new experiments, mentoring student instructors and beautiful NMR spectra. Rose is always interested to see how her chemistry lab skills can be applied to gardening and cooking.

  • Bachelor of Science (TWU; 2010)


Chemical analysis using IR, NMR, HPLC, GC/MS or MALDI-TOF, SPME-GC/MS analysis of milk samples, Undergraduate lab development, Mentorship of student lab instructors and lab assistants

During her undergraduate degree Rose did research work under Dr. Friesen that resulted in a poster presentation at the Murdock Charitable Trust Undergraduate Research Conference in 2009 titled “Methodology for Protecting and Deprotecting Triaryl Phosphines”. She expanded on this topic to complete an undergraduate thesis presentation within the chemistry department in 2010. After graduation Rose did research work for a small company related to organic synthesis for novel applications. Recently Rose has been working with the local company Nutriva Group to provide some analytical analysis to accompany their dairy trials. Through this research Rose supervised thesis work in 2019 that resulted in the presentation titled “Determining the Effects of Varying Sources of Bypass Fats in Bovine Feed on the Volatile Organic Compound Profile of the Resulting Milk, Determined by SPME-GC/MS.”

Awards & Honors

  • NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (Summer 2009)

Affiliations & Memberships

College Chemistry Canada

  • CHEM 198 Lab for CHEM 101, 103, 111
  • CHEM 199 Lab for CHEM 104, 112
  • CHEM 221 Lab
  • CHEM 222 Lab
  • CHEM 240 Lab Physical Chemistry
  • CHEM 321 Lab
  • CHEM 341 Lab
  • CHEM 357 Lab
  • CHEM 370 Lab