Upperclassmen Resident Director
+1 (604) 513-2121 ext. 3497


Hometown: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Favorite part about the job: I love interacting with the students on campus. I also really enjoy how the job of being an RD teaches one to share their life more. Each one of us has been given grace and I believe that through shared lives, this grace is able to be given to one another.

Favorite TWU tradition: This being my first year on campus, I am not sure which TWU tradition is my favourite. I've definitely heard the most about Fort Week. But perhaps my favourite tradition at TWU is the Christian tradition it is a part of.

Strengths finder top 5: Context, Developer, Harmony, Connectedness, Responsibility

Research & Scholarship


BA in Christian Studies, Bethany Bible College; MDiv, Acts (in progress).