Zlata Zolotarova

Resident Director of Jacobson Hall


Hometown: Zaporizhia, Ukraine

Q: What excites you the most about living on campus as an RD?

I love being an RD because I get to journey with students through out their life at the university. I love living on campus because it is very fun and I get to see my students outside official meetings as well as they get to see me. I believe the life on life impact is very important! 

Q: If you could take a group of TWU students anywhere in the world to do anything, where would you go and what would you do?

I would take group of students to Ukraine (before the war started). I would do a road trip with them starting in West Ukraine and end in my grandma’s home in East Ukraine. Together we would see beautiful views, amazing cities, try tasty food and meet wonderful people.

Q: What is your favourite hobby or activity?

My favourite activity is ride electric scooter around SeaWall in Vancouver

Q: What is the best book you have most recently read?

The best book I recently read was After Doubt by A.J. Swoboda

Q: What are your Clifton top 5 Strengths?

Woo, Communication, Context, Includer, Activator