Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Richard Chandra, PhD

Director of Research Services

Contact Richard for:

  • Pre-award grant applications/facilitation
  • Industry collaborations
  • Research contracts
  • Strategizing research programs and funding
  • Identifying research funding opportunities

Sonya Grypma, PhD, RN

Vice Provost of Leadership and Graduate Studies

Contact Sonya for:

  • University policies and guidelines related to graduate studies
  • Western Deans Agreement
  • Program accreditation and approvals
  • New course approvals
  • Academic dishonesty or misconduct

Adam bielka, MA, mlis

Thesis Coordinator & Scholarship Liaison Officer

Contact Adam for:

  • Faculty 180 support
  • USRA awards (NSERC and TWU)
  • Tri-Agency graduate scholarships, and other external scholarship applications
    For details, see External Scholarships and Funding
  • Thesis defense administration
  • TWUSpace and ARCA


Research Grants Officer

Contact Sue for:

  • Pre-award grant application budget review
  • Post-award grant financial processes
  • Grant financial reporting
  • Tri-agency sub-transfer agreements
  • Statistics regarding research funding


Coordinator Institutional Animal Care Committee

Contact Darcy for:

  • Animal use for research and teaching
  • Confirmation regarding what constitutes animal use
    e.g. Can I take my class fishing? Birding? To the Metro Zoo? Can I bring my dog to class to illustrate some key points? Can I bring my dog to class to de-stress the class before an exam?

Elizabeth Kreiter, Mlis

Human Research Ethics Board Coordinator

Contact Elizabeth for:

  • Human Research Ethics Board (HREB)
  • Research data management

Karen Lo, PhD

Biosafety Officer

Contact Karen for:

Research matters regarding Biosafety and Biosecurity 

  • Biosafety and Biosecurity policies, standards, practices, risk assessments, and training
  • Shipping, handling, and storage of human and agricultural pathogens/toxins
  • Risk II Pathogen Lab Management
  • Biosafety Project Approval (for research with Risk II human and agricultural pathogens/toxins only)