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Hear from Janice Nickel, Director of TWU's Parent & Family Network, on helpful practices to cultivate a life of gratitude and thanksgiving. Read her article on TWU Stories: https://t.co/R5ocBmBvMS https://t.co/UzPwEzThlk

1 day ago

Celebrating Indigenous Voices | Patricia Victor, TWU's University Siya:m and Co-Director of the Institute of Indigenous Issues & Perspectives, shared a message on resiliency and reconciliation for an OMNI TV series that will be aired later this year: https://t.co/JepF0uveKz https://t.co/NvtfSxak0v

2 days ago

Big thumbs up for making it through your first week back! We hope this weekend is a time of both rest and productivity as you dive into the Spring semester.



*photo taken prior to COVID-19* https://t.co/oQZchYMjJc

2 days ago

The start of a new year means reviving past routines and creating new ones. What routines are you implementing this semester? Share them below!


#InspiringHeartsAndMinds https://t.co/21hMGbjBu7

4 days ago

WELCOME BACK! The first classes of 2021 are well underway, and we’re excited to take on this new year together! Be sure to check out our first chapel of the semester today @ 11am here: https://t.co/39WIMtK4WS


#InspiringHeartsAndMinds https://t.co/cFmPgkcWFy

5 days ago