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Independent Study Week

Calling All Difference Makers | Become a Student Leader! Apply by Feb. 1st. Check out the short video series on YouTube to hear more from current leaders about their roles & how their student leadership experience has enriched their time at TWU: https://t.co/EPGyAO7Apa https://t.co/soZuUM4TRb

4 hours ago

Our Spring Chapel Calendar is live and packed with incredible speakers from around TWU and the world! Join us for Chapel Online every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11am. Check out the Spring '21 Chapel Calendar here: https://t.co/zJ3epPl5pS https://t.co/I4vYHQleWA

1 day ago

LLC Facebook Live Mansion Tour | Get a glimpse into life at the Laurentian Leadership Centre, our historic mansion located in the heart of downtown Ottawa! Tomorrow — Wednesday, Jan. 20th @ 6pm PST: https://t.co/ram1EsML3w


#InspiringHeartsAndMinds https://t.co/LHW6ZAYm4J

2 days ago

Celebrating MLK Jr. | “One of the best ways to honour MLK Jr. is to respond to violence and racial animus by pursuing justice and reconciliation through non-violence. MLK demonstrated that costly discipleship and radical love are possible." - TWU President Mark Husbands. https://t.co/PuVnS6Z225

3 days ago

Hear from Janice Nickel, Director of TWU's Parent & Family Network, on helpful practices to cultivate a life of gratitude and thanksgiving. Read her article on TWU Stories: https://t.co/R5ocBmBvMS https://t.co/UzPwEzThlk

4 days ago