Whether you’re a professor, staff member, or student, you are what makes TWU Richmond so amazing.

We know that with your busy schedule, it’s hard to take time for yourself and recharge. Our new podcast, Refocus, is for you.

Refocus is all about taking that moment to feed your soul and reconnect with God.

Our goal is to enrich your experience at TWU by sharing short episodes to encourage, uplift, inspire, and support you on a weekly basis. 

Look out for guest speakers, personal stories, helpful tips, and bite-sized devotional thoughts. Also, feel free to connect with us and tell us what you’d love to get out of this podcast! We’re here for you!


  1. Where's Your Mindset At?
  2. It Is Well
  3. Light of the World
  4. Settling When the Image Is Grainy
  5. How Are You Feeling Today?
  6. Who Am I In Christ?
  7. What Can I Do In Christ?
  8. Theology of Self Care Pt 1
  9. Theology of Self Care Pt 2
  10. Theology of Self Care Pt 3