As TWU prepares to welcome new and returning students this fall into a new normal with COVID-19, The Wellness Centre has decided to temporarily put a “pause” on The Well for the fall semester.

We made this decision with the health and safety of students, our student leaders, and The Wellness Centre staff in mind. The Wellness Centre (Health Services and Mental Health Services) remain open with modified schedules and services. Please visit for more information.

Don’t worry! The Well is not going away! We will be consulting with the TWU Health & Safety taskforce to look at ways we can reopen The Well in January. In the meantime, during The Well’s purposeful “pause” we’ll be working behind the scenes on several initiatives to enhance The Well: 

  1. We are in the final stages of preparing for a physical refresh of the space to make it more aesthetically pleasing and relaxing.
  2. We will be reviewing The Well Host student leadership role and enhancing the role with a focus on mental health training and leadership development.
  3. After three years of operation, we’ll be looking at The Well’s purpose, mission, and effectiveness. We’ll be exploring opportunities to implement feedback we have received from students and former Well Hosts.

We recognize that “pausing” The Well for the fall will come as a disappointment to many students for whom The Well is an integral part of their weekly—or even daily—routine. We look forward to welcoming the TWU community back soon with a refreshed space and renewed services!

For more information or questions, please contact Ryan Schutt (Team Lead, Mental Health Services) at