The University will remain open regardless of extreme weather or emergency conditions, as there is a continuing need for service on campus that requires some employees to work. Examples of this are the food service for students in residence, the functioning of the heating plants, and the maintenance of security. Efforts will also be made to open the library in order to provide students with a place to study. However, classes may be cancelled or rescheduled on a University-wide basis and/or non-essential services curtailed in response to the specific conditions prevailing.

The following paragraph will be included in all course syllabi

In the event of deteriorating weather conditions or other emergency situations, every effort will be made to communicate information regarding the cancellation of classes to GLOBAL TV and the following radio stations CBC (88.1 AM), THE BEAT (94.5 FM), CKNW (980 AM), CKWX (1130 AM), STAR FM (107.1 FM), PRAISE (106.5 FM) and KARI (550 AM). As well, an announcement will be placed on the University’s campus closure notification message box (604.513.2147) and on the front page of the University’s website ( [2] – also see [3] for more details). An initial announcement regarding the status of the campus and cancellation of classes is made at 6:00 AM and covers all classes beginning before 12:00PM. A second announcement is made at 10:00AM that covers all classes which begin between 12:00PM and 5:00PM. A third announcement is made at 3:00PM and covers those classes which begin after 5:00PM.

Policy Revised 01/20/2020