Medical documentation of a disability is required for students who wish to register with the Centre for Accessible Learning. Documentation requirements include:

  • The diagnosis must be made by a healthcare provider who is qualified to diagnose the disability
  • The assessment by the healthcare provider has been completed within five years or conducted after the age of 18
  • The results of the provider’s assessment must include the severity of the disability and the impact of the disability on activities of daily living and academic activities

The following professionals can diagnose and provide medical documentation for disabilities as recognized by the BC Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills:

  • Learning disability: a registered clinical psychologist or certified school psychologist
  • Physical or mobility disability: a physician
  • Visual impairment: an ophthalmologist, optometrist, or orthoptist
  • Hard of hearing or deaf: a certified audiologist
  • Neurological disability: a neurologist, neuropsychologist, psychiatrist, or physician
  • Mental health disability: a clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, or physician with expertise in that area

If you are unsure if your documentation is sufficient, please inquire when you submit your documentation along with your Centre for Accessible Learning Registration Form.