Student Account Refunds

To request a refund for a credit balance on your student account please submit a Service Hub Request  and include your current mailing address.

All refund cheques will be mailed to the address provided. Pick-up can be arranged for students living on campus. Allow up to 8 weeks for processing.

Please note:

  • A credit becomes available for refund after the tuition and fees are no longer pending for the current semester.  This is approximately one week after the semester add/drop date but may vary by program.
  • Once the billing for a semester has opened, any credit will automatically be applied as payment and is no longer eligible for a refund.
  • Online banking, cheque, and PLASTIQ payments are refunded by cheque and are made payable to the student ONLY.
  • Any payments received by FLYWIRE are sent to FLYWIRE to be refunded to the originating account where payment was initially sent from. There is a $15 processing fee for all wires that will be deducted from the approved refund amount.
  • Credits resulting from sponsorship or scholarships and grants may not be eligible for a refund and will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  • International student deposits are subject to the refund policy signed at the time of admission.

*Credit balance of $25 or less on non-current student accounts are removed from the account after 12 months if a refund has not been requested.  These funds are made available to the TWU Financial Aid Office for use as an award to current students with financial need.