Program Research

Faculty and Research Interests

  • Dr. Marvin McDonald: Multicultural identity development; Trauma and secondary trauma; Spirituality and health; Families and close relationships
  • Dr. Richard Bradshaw: Trauma; efficacy/effectiveness of Observed & Experiential Integration (OEI)
  • Dr. Janelle Kwee: multicultural and gender issues in psychology, group psychotherapy, community psychology and prevention, relational theories, trauma, and the interplay between spiritual formation, psychological development, and psychotherapy, children in play therapy
  • Dr. Alex Kwee: human sexuality, substance abuse, process (or behavioural) addictions such as sex and gambling
  • Dr. Derrick Klaassen : Existential and spiritual issues in psychology and psychotherapy; Existential Analysis (Logotherapy); grief and bereavement
  • Mihaela Launeanu Ph.D. (cand.): Process based validity in psychological assessment; test construction and the measurement of psychological constructs; functional and therapeutic assessment; existential issues in forensic psychology (e.g., moral disengagement and dissociation, spiritual trauma, moral suffering, forgiveness; developmental trajectories of risk and desistance); process of change in psychotherapy; translational research methodologies; spirituality in healthcare; existential-phenomenological clinical supervision model; nostalgia and identities in transition (immigration and cross-cultural adjustment.)

Student Research

Click here to view samples of MA Counselling Psychology student theses.