Students are invited to choose one track, Thesis or Non-Thesis, upon entering the program.

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  • Recommended option for those planning to pursue doctoral studies in counselling or clinical psychology, counsellor education or related fields.
  • Encourages research that is creative and significantly contributes to the field of counselling psychology.
  • For scientific research and critical evaluation of psychological literature.
  • For development of an analytical mind and rigorous scientific thinking, which can be applied to clinical practice.
  • To refine research skills and advance knowledge in a specific field of personal interest.
  • For professionals in practice to deepen their experience in a specific area such as program evaluation.

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  • Dr. Marvin McDonald: Multicultural identity development; Trauma and secondary trauma; Spirituality and health; Families and close relationships
  • Dr. Janelle Kwee: Multicultural and gender issues in psychology, group psychotherapy, community psychology and prevention, relational theories, trauma, and the interplay between spiritual formation, psychological development, and psychotherapy, children in play therapy
  • Dr. Deepak Mathew: Career development, life transitions, immigrant and indigenous youth career decision-making, transition to retirement, enhanced critical incident technique
  • Dr. Larissa Rossen: Loss, grief, and bereavement, perinatal and maternal mental health, family systems, childhood development and protection.
  • Dr. Derrick Klaassen:  existential and spiritual issues, existential analysis, grief and bereavement