Certificate in Outdoor Environmental Education

Be equipped to design and lead outdoor environmental education programs.
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The Certificate in Outdoor Education, offered by the School of Education, is a self-directed program for teachers, parents, and anyone interested in outdoor education. The certificate develops specific skills and a depth of knowledge in outdoor education using a flexible, self-directed format to assist those who have less time to commit to structured class timetables.

Program Highlights

  • Delivery Method

    Self-directed studies
  • Tuition Total

  • Start Date

    Ongoing throughout the year

Program Delivery

The Certificate in Outdoor Environmental Education has flexible start dates throughout the year. All courses are self-directed, with flexible assignments to accommodate your location. You’ll be able to work at your own pace and check in with your instructor on a regular basis. You can choose the number of courses you take each semester. Only 15 semester hours total are needed to obtain the certificate.

Course Requirements

Core Courses (9 semester hours)

  • EDUC 353 Environmental Education

  • HKIN 351 Leadership & Planning

  • EDUC 490 Field Study*

Elective Courses (6 semester hours):

Choose two electives from the following list:

  • GENV 400 Earth & Atmospheric Science Education

  • GENV 312 Wilderness, Water & Global Warming: Canadian Environmental History

  • BIOL 316 Plant Ecology

  • BIOL 362 Marine Ecology

  • GENV/PHIL 331 Environmental Philosophy

  • GENV 484 Conservation Biology

  • HKIN 336 Outdoor Pursuits

See the program checklist

Tuition Rate

$705 per semester hour (some courses may carry an additional class fee)

Total tuition: $10,575