Why Canada?

Why cross the border for university?

You're weighing your post-secondary options and you ended up here. Why would you want to come and study at TWU? Here are a few great reasons...

Study abroad without going too far

You'll walk away with international experience (and an international degree) without needing to learn a new language. Hang around long enough, though, and you may start saying "eh?" at the end of your sentences too, eh?

Plus our campus is a short 20-minute drive away from the US border.  It's only a couple hours drive from Seattle, too.

Pay less for a high-quality degree

Trinity Western is a private Christian liberal arts university. Depending on the exchange rate, tuition and fees are usually comparable to (if not less than) the cost of attending a similar school in the States. We also set aside unique awards and scholarships for American students.

TWU consistently receives top marks in academics when ranked with universities across Canada. We've received seven consecutive A+ rankings for Quality of Teaching and Learning from The Globe and Mail Canadian University Report.

Join the club!

Twelve percent of our undergraduate student body is American, from states like Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Hawaii and more.

Hear what Susie S. (Denver, CO), Dylan B. (Spanaway, WA) and Sherehan A. (Auburn, WA) have to say about life at TWU.

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