Schedule & Register

Planning & Registering for Courses

  1. Login to the Student Portal with your TWU username & password.
  2. Select your "Term" – 20xx Fall or 20xx Spring.
  3. Keep the "Title" and "Course Code" sections blank, and search by "Department" using the drop-down menu. (This shows all the available courses and corresponding labs/tutorials (when applicable).) Look through the list to find what you want to add to your schedule.
  4. Fill in your printable timetable with the days and times of the courses you want. Repeat this process for each course and lab/tutorial (when applicable) to make sure seats are available and there are no time conflicts.
  5. Once you’ve planned out your course schedule and registration opens, search for the courses again and click the "Add” checkbox and click the “Add Courses” button.

Helpful Tips

  1. DON’T use the “Back” button in your browser as you’ll have to start over. Only use the back buttons within the portal.
  2. If a course is full, you can still add the course to join the waitlist. You may also want to look for backup options.
  3. Some courses require a discussion group, lab, or tutorial that will need to be registered for in addition to the lecture.
  4. If you want to find out more about a course, just click on the “Course Code” and you will find a course description along with other useful information.

Dropping a Course

  1. Login to the Student Portal with your TWU username & password.
  2. Select your “Term” – 20xx Fall or 20xx Spring.
  3. Under “Your Schedule” select “Drop” next to the course you with to drop, and then click the “Drop Selected Courses” button.

You can make updates to your schedule – adding and dropping classes – until the “Drop / Add Deadline” early in the beginning of your first semester. View important academic dates. TWU operates on a pay-per-semester-hour model and changes to course registration will be reflected on your billing statement.

Finding your course schedule

  1. Click Student Portal.
  2. Log in with your TWU username & password (if you haven't already done so).
  3. Click on "Course Schedule".

Important Terminology

  • Course Title: The official name of the course (e.g. Introduction to Fiction)
  • Course Code: The four-letter and three-number shorthand code for a course (e.g. ENGL 103)
  • Term: Otherwise known as a semester. There are three semesters per calendar year: Fall, Spring and Summer
  • Department: The program or area of interest in which you will be studying (e.g. Chemistry)
  • Division: If you're reading this, then you're an undergraduate. So make sure you select "Undergraduate"
  • Days of the week: M = Monday | T = Tuesday | W = Wednesday | R = Thursday | F = Friday