Student Opportunities

Mentor Program

During your third and/or fourth year in the business program, you’ll be mentored by a senior manager or business owner. As you meet with your mentor once a month, you’ll get the inside story on how they navigate their organization’s day-to-day challenges. Information about this program will be announced at the beginning of the fall term.

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Student Consulting Projects

In many of your specialization classes, you can work on real projects in real time that have been specifically designed to help local managers and owners better manage their businesses. You can also create a class around a specific project or topic you’re personally interested in.

Laurentian Leadership Centre

The Laurentian Leadership Centre (LLC) is a live-in extension program in the heart of Ottawa. There is no other program in Canada that offers the same access to a variety of elite Ottawa internships in business, politics, and NGOs.

Many students see the benefit in completing a term at the LLC in their last year in the business program. You will get unparalleled work experience as an intern in a local business or government office.

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Travel Studies

At the end of your second, third, or fourth year you can participate in a travel study. Students complete some of their core business and specialization courses while visiting corporate headquarters in Europe,  Asia, or Africa or law classes while participating in the Law in Ottawa travel study. The business travel studies are offered every May. If you are interested in these opportunities, speak to your academic advisor about them and put these trips in your academic plan.

  • Law in Ottawa - On this exciting law trip to Ottawa, you will get to stay in the historic Laurentian Leadership Centre (LLC). You will visit numerous legal sites around the nation’s capital, including the Supreme Court of Canada. Parliament, Canadian Intellectual Property Office and others. This trip will include visits to numerous cultural sites around Ottawa and will likely include a two-day excursion to historic Quebec City and a wind-up dinner cruise—the Kingston 1000 Island Cruise.
  • Asia, Europe or Africa - Every year the School of Business offers at least one unique travel study experience to Asia, Europe, or Africa.

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Exchange Programs

You will have an opportunity to go abroad and complete several business courses in a location outside of North America.

The School of Business has exchange opportunities with business schools in Austria, France, The Netherlands, and Germany. These are for one term, and you would complete some of your core business courses while at one of these schools.

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