A Home Away from Home

Human relationships, personal and professional networking, are the fabric of life. Initially students are   attracted to the warm ambiance, access to technology and subsidized food in high end kitchens, but it is the richness of interaction with profs and peers in these intentional communities that is the remaining legacy of a students’ collegium experience. Resourceful student leaders facilitate these spaces, encouraging collegium members to take ownership of the physical and social space that is their home away from home.


The Marlie Snider Collegium

The highlight of the Marlie Snider Collegium (The "Marlie") is the water wall which naturally separates a quiet reading area from a more social space. Commuter students from the; faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, School of Arts, Media and Culture, School of Education and School of Nursing get connected through engaging in conversation while preparing food and studying together. Close proximity to fine arts, science, communications, and education buildings, makes frequenting the Marle convenient. Check out the Quicktime 


The West Coast Collegium

Brushed stainless steal appliances, a cozy fire place and overstuffed leather couches help to make this space a comfortable home for commuters from the; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Human Kinetics, and School of Business. In addition to the rich ambiance, students benefit from being made aware of what is happening on campus and enjoying relationships with their peers and faculty members. Check out the Quicktime VR 3D View


The Graduate Collegium

The Graduate Collegium, intentionally designed to meet both the physical and social needs of the commuting graduate student, allows the grad student to connect with program directors, faculty and peers among the elements of home and office. Four individual study rooms with specialized soft ware programs assist the grad student towards academic success. Check out the Quicktime VR 3D View.