TWU Department of English and Creative Writing offers:

  • B.A. in English (Honours)
  • B.A. in English (Major)                       
  • Concentration in English
  • Minor in English

First Year English and Creative Writing

Our goal for the first year of English studies is to nurture in students the desire and ability to write well, conduct research and evaluate critically all forms of writing, while introducing students to important bodies of literature in a broad spectrum of time periods and cultures.

Second Year English and Creative Writing Courses

Second year English courses cover such diverse subjects as major authors, classical and biblical backgrounds of English literature, national literatures, creative writing, and the study of genre. At this level, students are encouraged to reflect upon and engage various approaches to literature with a view to preparing them for further study at the upper levels.

Upper Level English and Creative Writing Courses

Please note that English courses numbered 300 and 400 are on the same academic level and qualify as both third and fourth year courses. Most of these courses are offered on an alternate year basis and form the specializations that students follow in their studies in English.

English and Creative Writing Honours Program

For students who wish to prepare for graduate school, we offer a full Honours program. The Honours program allows for a high degree of specialization in English literature and language, culminating in a research paper of 40-50 pages (ENGL 450 [Honours Essay]) written in close consultation with one of the members of the English department, which will be completed in the student's final semester.

Guidelines for the English Honours Essay (PDF)
English Honours Program Application Form (PDF)


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