[spaces] welcomes you.

Trinity Western University’s literary journal [spaces] provides TWU students, staff, and alumni with a space where we might freely address and reflect on the spaces in which we reside, and the [spaces] which we seek.  It is a space where we creatively contend with the spaces in which we find ourselves, lose ourselves, the spaces that draw us back into the familiar, or send us along a tangent into the unknown—and the liminal spaces in-between. Here we engage the transient and the eternal, the orthodox but also the heretical, through the creation and appreciation of art.  

[spaces] began in 2006 as a collaborative effort between TWU's many-splendored disciplines. The journal is student-run and supervised by TWU English faculty and professional writers. [spaces] produces one print journal annually, and publishes poetry, prose, and visual artwork. In February/March, [spaces] hosts a launch party in Fort Langley to mark the release of the journal, inviting the TWU and outer community to celebrate with us.

The theme of the ninth edition of [spaces] is “Encounters.” We encourage you to explore the encounters that shape you as a human being and as an artist: encounters with others and yourself; encounters with the other. Encounters with cultures, ideas and landscapes. Encounters with fear and love. Encounters with appearance and illusion, with the internal and the external, with life and death. Encounters with beauty and art. Encounters with the divine, and with the sublime. Encounters with God. These are the encounters that compose the stuff of stories, your stories, and we want you to share them with us.

For more information about [spaces] and how to submit, please visit http://www.twuspaces.com/  or email us atspacesliteraryjournal@gmail.com. Please peruse some of the exemplary written work published in previous editions of [spaces], available in the drop-down [spaces] tab.