Campaign Giving

One of the most inspiring gifts of the past few years has been the development and excitement around our new vision: “Every graduate is equipped to think truthfully, act justly, and live faithfully for the good of the world and the glory of God.” In a divided and complex world, this positive vision offers TWU a wonderfully bright light on the horizon. 

As we move forward with a renewed clarity of mission and vision, we hope that you sense God’s prompting to continue to support, encourage, and partner with Trinity Western in creating life-changing opportunities for growth, flourishing, and faithfulness in the lives of Canada’s finest Christian university students. 

Here are eight key areas that we are seeking to advance the mission and vision through: 

  1. The Student Impact Fund: Donations to the Student Impact Fund are far reaching and affect the University’s immediate and future goals—from student scholarships to campus enhancement to student life applications. 

  1. Upstream: Donating to the Upstream Wellness Initiative will help ensure that students have access to mental health care as they require it, ultimately providing immediate support and eliminating waiting lists. 

  1. Centre for Calling and Career Development (CCCD): Donations to this fund will allow the CCCD to continue to provide pre- and post- graduation support to ensure that every graduate is well equipped for the marketplace. 

  1. Endowed Chair Fund: Your gift toward funding endowed chairs will allow for growth in the Department of Biblical and Theological Studies, as we continually strive to provide excellence in Christian teaching, research, and scholarship. 

  1. Digital infrastructure: Support of our enhanced digital infrastructure is essential in helping the University to properly provide the necessary and advanced tools for our students to be equipped throughout their studies. 

  1. Naming Opportunities within the Robert G. Kuhn Centre: Your generous sponsorship of a designated Robert G. Kuhn Centre space will go towards the ongoing educational and experiential activities and events of that space. 

  1. Capital Renewal: Donations to this project will go toward improvement efforts, such as updating electrical sources, enhancing wireless capabilities, and creating private meeting rooms where donor, student, and staff confidentiality during conversations is required. 

  1. Integrating Faith, Learning, and Living: We are inviting you to consider supporting the first phase of an integration of faith, learning, and living program for faculty and staff. We aim to develop the finest set of faculty and staff faith and learning development opportunities available in Canada.