At the Laurentian Leadership Centre, learning is not restricted to class time. Life at the LLC enables you to learn and grow within a close knit community of peers. You will live with approximately 20 other students who share the same experience, as well as with a community life coordinator. You build lasting friendships as you share about life’s successes and challenges, your journey, and how God is moving in your lives. You’ll also engage in discussions about your courses and internships while national and international events unfold on your doorstep.

As you reflect on the day's events, and listen to the experiences of others, you develop your character, examine your faith and strengthen your leadership skills.

Before you come, check the packing instructions and read through the LLC Student Intern Handbook to get a sense of expectations and dress requirements.


Life in Canada’s capital is exciting no matter the season. From museums and galleries, to live music, festivals and local restaurants, to skating on the canal and hiking in Gatineau Park, there is always something to experience and explore. Visit Ottawa Tourism for upcoming festivals and events and Ottawa’s Weather Network for insight into the seasons. You can even check the Parliament Hill webcam