At Trinity Western University, you will engage in a Liberal Arts education. Through broad, interdisciplinary inquiry, you will explore different ways of knowing about the world – preparing for a life of active engagement in your community and profession.

This whole person education comes from our liberal arts core curriculum. All Trinity students explore the Liberal Arts by taking courses in Foundations, Academic Research and Writing, Logical and Ethical Reasoning, Religious and Spiritual Thought, and Scientific Method and Lab Research. Through these courses, along with inquiry in the six Ways of Knowing, You will engage in inquiry related to the world’s most enduring questions.

At Trinity, We look forward to the discoveries we will make together while engaging in a Liberal Arts undergraduate Core Curriculum that includes:

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Core Foundations
  • Academic Research and Writing
  • Foundations
  • Logical and Ethical Reasoning
  • Religious and Spiritual Thought
  • Scientific Method and Lab Research
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CORE Ways of Knowing
  • Aesthetic + Performance
  • Cultural + Linguistic
  • Experiential + Embodied
  • Historical + Archival
  • Quantitative + Computational
  • Social + Global
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Academic Program (Major)

Consider the program you are interested in taking from our list of offerings.


Through your learning, leadership, and service experiences at Trinity Western University, you will prepare for a life of learning and service by developing:

  • Knowledge and its application
  • Cognitive complexity
  • Aesthetic expression and interpretation
  • Inter- and intra-personal wellness
  • Spiritual formation
  • Social responsibility and global engagement
  • Leadership