TWU's chapel worship band on stage in the gym. There are instruments and purple lights.

Arts, Media, & Music

Our student talent will entertain, amaze, delight, and intrigue you.

Art Gallery and Media Events

Music and Choir Productions

TWU has a rich history of musical productions and ensembles—from the University’s internationally recognized choirs that have performed on some of the world’s best stages to instrumental ensembles ranging in size, instrument family, and musical genre. TWU music productions have always been known for excellent conducting and precision of performance enhanced by the nuances of dynamics and an almost instinctive understanding of the unique expression of each musical piece. The SAMC Department of Music hosts concerts throughout the year both on campus and off.

Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming performances.


Theatre Productions

Theatre Anne of Green Gables

SAMC theatrical productions are held four times a year, and while each show is distinct and unique, they all share the same quality of writing, acting, directing, and production. Prepare to be entertained and for your imagination to be elevated with our diverse variety of theatrical delights that range from classic scripts to new releases crafted by our own faculty and students. Shows take place at the theatre on campus but are open to the public. 

SAMC Theatre also hosts 24 Hour Theatre, class recitals, and a late-night bi-weekly improv comedy show called 11:07.