“To be a catalyst for Christ-centred community and mission by inviting all students into embodied, communal, global, and spiritually formative worship practices."

Community worship experiences are a vital part of TWU’s mission “to develop godly Christian leaders.” As an extension of Student Ministries’ mission to facilitate authentic and deepening encounter with the Triune God, the vision of Chapel Ministries is for our campus “to be a united community, treasuring Christ above all.” Chapel provides opportunities for our community to experience the manifest presence of God within the pursuit of our daily work and study.

Christian worship is a joyous response to our Triune God who speaks to us and invites us to follow Him in every area of our life. Worship is expressed in our bold declaration of God’s incomparable worthiness; in our faithful submission to the kingship of Jesus; in our loving attention to the Holy Spirit who convicts us of sin, comforts us in suffering, and empowers us to fulfill the Great Commission. Worship is the chief vocation of all Christians. That is why community worship experiences are a vital part of TWU’s mission “to develop godly Christian leaders . . . growing disciples of Jesus Christ who glorify God.”

Four Priorities In Worship

We invest in worship practices that are Trinitarian, Gospel-Centred, Formational, and Communal.


We focus on our Triune God (Father, Son, & Spirit), His character, and His kingdom work in the world as revealed in Scripture.


We declare and experience the Gospel, God’s Story of redemption in Jesus and new life in the Spirit (the Gospel). We celebrate God’s work in each other’s stories.


We invite God to reveal, enter, and shape our heart, mind, and will. We invite people into theologically rich, emotionally compelling, and physically participatory worship experiences.


We worship with the Church of Jesus Christ as one body by meaningfully integrating expressions of worship that span generations, continents, and cultures.