Dispute a Parking Ticket


  • You may challenge or appeal certain violations within seven (7) calendar days of issuance. We will not accept appeals past 7 days.
  • An email must be sent to parking@twu.ca (click on the button below) outlining your grounds for appeal.
  • Refer to TWU Parking Guidelines at www.twu.ca/parking before appealing a ticket. By parking on this campus, you are expected to read,
    understand, and comply with TWU Parking Guidelines. The guidelines will be the basis of Parking Service’s decision on your appeal.
  • The person appealing the violation will be notified via e-mail or phone of the Parking Service’s decision.
  • Listed below are examples of parking violation appeals that have been denied:
    • Parking on a yellow curb, white lines, yellow lines
    • Parking Permit not displayed - Parking in a fire lane, handicapped spot, reserved spot
  • The following reasons are not considered grounds for an appeal:
    • “I didn’t know I had to pay for parking”
    • “Others were parked there and didn’t receive tickets” - “I was just running in to drop something off”
    • “I didn’t have time, I was running late” - “I didn’t know I couldn’t park there”
    • “I’ve parked there before and didn’t receive a ticket” - “I already pay enough for parking, I shouldn’t have to pay a ticket too”

*** Decisions made by Parking Services are final. Violation cancellations will be at the discretion of Parking Services only. ***

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