Resident Programs

Living in residence at TWU is a fantastic experience. Your neighbours are your friends, your classrooms are steps away, and you have access to all the amenities, services, activities, indoor and outdoor spaces our beautiful campus offers. Whether you prefer group events or a solitary walk along nature trails, Spartans games or a quiet night in, studying in the library or curled up in your bed—you’ll feel at home in residence. 

Each TWU residence hall is divided into small groups of 14 to 22 students, peer led by a Resident Assistant (RA). Resident Directors (RDs), professional staff living on campus, work with student leaders and resident students to foster a living-learning environment that promotes individual and group development. Our residences at Trinity Western are not just places to sleep at night but are viewed as important places to develop students in the fulfillment of our University's mission and vision. Through daily interactions, Community Life staff encourage students to reflect on what they are learning about themselves through their University experience. Time management, conflict resolution, accountability, tolerance, and respect for differences are but a few learning outcomes gained from living in community. 

Other special services, programs, and opportunities for residence students include: 

  • Dorm Meetings 
    RAs lead weekly small group meetings for residents that focus on social, spiritual, relational, accountability and academic issues. 
  • Social Outings and Activities 
    Students enjoy regular outings and activities with residents from other floors and buildings through “dorm dates,” “all stars,” and other grass roots social activities both on and off campus.  
  • All Campus Meetings 
    Every couple of weeks, invited guest speakers come and share their life experiences with resident students, often connected to other programs held at the University. 
  • Small Groups 
    Besides floor meetings, students can become members of discipleship (D-Group) or personal support groups, focused on a wide variety of topics (e.g., eating disorders, depression, self-esteem, relationships, career goals, study skills, etc.). 
  • Student Leadership Opportunities and Experiences 
    Student Life Office, Reimer Student Centre 

For information regarding TWU's Student Code of Conduct and Housing Policies, please refer to the Trinity Western University Student Policies