Kids Adventure Camp

(9-12 years old)

Outdoor exploration is at the heart of this camp for ages 9-12yrs. Adventure camp is designed to get your explorer outside, to have loads of fun and meet new friends in a welcoming atmosphere where we take on exciting activities every day!

Each day campers will tackle a new adventure. Activities MAY include but are not limited to: Climbing on the high ropes course, cruising along the water in a canoe or kayak, biking to a local nature trail, swimming in the Fraser River, playing at a local park, or getting muddy to clean up natural habitats. Your camper is sure to be invigorated and challenged by the beautiful natural world we live in. Let's go on an adventure!

Adventure campers should be prepared to engage in a full day of vigorous physical activity. Please dress and hydrate appropriately. Be prepared everyday: Bring sunscreen, a hat, water bottle, a nut free snack and lunch. Wear weather appropriate clothing and closed toe shoes. Each day will start and finish on campus. Some daily adventures we will leave campus to explore local nature areas.

~Outside: my favourite place to be.

Adventure Camper Skills and Gear Requirements:

  • English language proficiency to demonstrate understanding of safety instructions
  • Comfortable with getting wet and swimming with a PFD. If your camper can complete the ‘Swim to Survive’ standard, you are ready for Adventure Camp. If your camper does not or cannot swim, please contact us upon registration.
  • Ability to ride a bicycle & bring a bicycle, helmet and lock. Adventure campers will be participating in a bicycle trek day. IF your camper is NOT able to ride a bike or does NOT own their own bike contact us upon registration.

Additional Provided Gear:

  • All boating gear is provided
  • All climbing gear is provided

Adventure Camper Contract

Adventure camp is an inclusive environment where successful adventures result from campers supporting and working collectively alongside one another. Adventure camp is designed with inherently higher risk activities, therefore camper life requires a can-do attitude, respect for others and gear, plus the ability to follow instructions as required.  Campers must be able to remain safe in the outdoors (e.g., responding to commands on the go, understanding the importance of their actions and behaviours on the safety of the whole group). Camp counsellors are present to articulate expectations, role model, mitigate risks, and guide campers. Campers are responsible to think critically about the choices they make and practice exercising self-control. Together this allows adventure camp to maximize exploration and fun!


We strive to be outside all day, every day. There are times when we must modify, adapt, or cancel programs due to inclement weather or health concerns as governed by health authorities. Nature swimming areas are dependent on water conditions and may vary throughout the summer. In these cases, if you have any concerns about your camper being active outside, please reach out to your camp contact prior to the start of camp. Alternatively, it may look like changing scheduled activities and pacing to mitigate risk for campers and staff alike. We highly recommend making sure your camper is well-hydrated and rested to participate in Adventure Camp.


  • 5 day camp $325
  • 4 day camp $260

Weeks Offered

  • Tuesday, July 2nd – Friday, July 5th (4 day camp)
  • Monday, July 15th – Friday, July 19th
  • Monday, July 22nd – Friday, July 26th
  • Monday, July 29th – Friday, August 2nd

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