Youth Adventure Outtrip Camp

(13-15 years old)

Take your adventure to the next level with the Youth Adventure Outtrip Camp. This camp is designed with ages 13-15yrs in mind, a chance to break out of the summer slump and create your own wild summer! Paddling, swimming, hiking, and wilderness camping are the foundations of this trip on beautiful Pitt Lake. Trips are all gender, and routes are designed to match the needs and abilities of each group. Participants tent camp during their experience and paddle to campsite(s). Please note tent groups are assigned by gender indicated upon registration, with counsellors sleeping in a nearby tent.

Day 1 at Langley Campus dive into camp preparation and camp basics. With some fun climbing on the high ropes course to get the adventure started. Then head home for the night for one last sleep.

Days 2 & 3 head out to Pitt Lake, load and launch Voyageur canoes. The next 2 nights will be spent tent camping under the stars, hiking up mountains, paddling in a tidal lake, swimming in river and waterfalls, cooking outside, sharing campfire stories, and exploring the wild via foot and paddle. All while making new friends and sharing laughs!

Day 4 pack up camp and return to Langley Campus as the hailed wilderness explorers you are. After unloading and hearty handshakes, wish your fellow companions godspeed, and saunter home with memories for a lifetime!

Camper Skills

  • English language proficiency to demonstrate understanding of safety instructions.
  • Comfortable with getting wet and swimming with a PFD. If your camper can complete the ‘Swim to Survive’ standard, you are ready for Youth Adventure Camp. If your camper does not or cannot swim, please contact us upon registration.
  • Can walk and use a canoe paddle (we will teach you the skills, you just have to be willing).

Camper Transportation

  • Day 1 - pick up and drop off at TWU Langley Campus 9am – 3pm
  • Day 2 - drop off at TWU Langley Campus 9 am, transportation to Pitt Lake will be provided
  • Day 3 - overnight, transportation not applicable
  • Day 4 - pick up at TWU Langley Campus 3pm, transportation returning from Pitt Lake will be provided

Camper Meals

  • Day 1 – no meals provided / camper bring lunch & snacks
  • Day 2 – dinner provided / camper bring lunch & snacks
  • Day 3 – breakfast, lunch, dinner provided / camper bring snacks
  • Day 4 – breakfast and lunch provided / camper bring snacks

Camper Gear

All boating and water safety gear is provided.

Campers need to bring the below listed items, all other camping gear is provided. If you do not have an item on the list, let us know at registration, we have a few extra to lend.

  • Pillow (optional)
  • Sit Pad (optional)
  • Knife with Cover (optional)
  • Day Pack
  • Whistle
  • Water Bottle
  • Mug
  • Headlamp or Flashlight
  • Notebook & Pencil
  • Rain Kit (jacket, pants, hat)
  • Water Shoes & Dry Hiking Shoes
  • Personal Items (clothing, hat, sunscreen, bug spray, hygiene, swim gear)

Camper Contract

Adventure camp is an inclusive environment where successful adventures result from campers supporting and working collectively alongside one another. Adventure camp is designed with inherently higher risk activities, therefore camper life requires a can-do attitude, respect for others and gear, plus the ability to follow instructions as required.  Campers must be able to remain safe in the outdoors (e.g., responding to commands on the go, understanding the importance of their actions and behaviours on the safety of the whole group). Camp counsellors are present to articulate expectations, role model, mitigate risks, and guide campers. Campers are responsible to think critically about the choices they make and practice exercising self-control. Together this allows adventure camp to maximize exploration and fun!


Using a proactive approach to manage risks, camper safety is our top priority. Out trip locations and routes are custom designed. This enables us to take into account the age and experience of the participants for a challenging, yet accessible wilderness experience. Trip leaders are selected for their experience working with youth, experience wilderness camping, and experience of water safety.  

Co-Ed Ages: 13-15 years old


  • 4 day camp $425

Week Offered (2024)

Tuesday, August 6th – Friday, August 9th (4 Day Week)

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