Past 3MT Thesis

3MT 2020 Videos

Shelby Bennett, M.A. biblical studies (1st place winner & People's Choice Award

Deafening silence: how dead sea scrolls expose the silencing of biblical women 


nicole kruger, M.A. Counselling Psychology (2nd Place

the experience of reconciliation between non-indigenous and indigenous peoples of canada


Reg Harbeck, M.A. Interdisciplinary Humanities

oh, the humanity! oh, the technology! oh, the mainframe!


elnaz bondar, M.A. Counselling Psychology

child sexual abuse by female perpetrators


emma strobell, M.s. Nursing

Mothering children with albinism in tazania


Katherine pelletier, M.A. Interdisciplinary Humanities

milton unbound


3MT 2018 Videos

Daniel Meszaros, M.A. Counselling Psychology

Understanding Men’s Lived Experiences of Shame Related to Masculine Identity

Supervisor: Dr. Mihaela Launeanu

We are so proud of Daniel and the TWU Graduate Program of Counselling Psychology!

It is quite an accomplishment to have TWU represented at the National Level since the finalists were chosen from 36 Graduate Schools and from more than 1800 Graduate Students.


Kyle Young, M. Applied Linguistics & Exegesis

On the Apostolic (and Academic) Agendas

Supervisor: Dr. Steve Nicolle


Marianne Cottingham, M.A. Counselling Psychology

Parenting Coordination: Helping and Hindering Factors

Supervisor: Dr. Marvin McDonald


Jerlyn Chan, M.A. Counselling Psychology

What are Educators’ Views about this Innovative Approach to Teaching Mindfulness?

Supervisors: Dr. Marvin McDonald & Dr. Robert Lee


Jocelyn Harris, M.A. Linguistics

Finding Their Own Words

Supervisor: Larry Hayashi, M.A.


Hilary Evans, M.A. Counselling Psychology

Understanding Shame Resilience: Eating Disorder Treatment for Adolescents

Supervisor: Dr. Mihaela Launeanu


Cynthia Baroud, M.A. Counselling Psychology

A Hand Across Bars: Exploring Narratives of Meaningful Connections

Supervisor: Dr. Krista Socholotiuk

Videos and results from 3MT 2017

1st Place

The Empty Cradle: Grieving a Miscarriage

Chantel Rodericks, M.A. Counselling Psychology

2nd Place

Shame Resilience in Hospitalized Adolescents with Eating Disorders

Hilary Evans, M.A. Counselling Psychology

People’s Choice Award

Grieving Behind Bars: The Experience of Incarcerated Men

Cynthia Baroud, M.A. Counselling Psychology

2017 Winners




CAGS supports the 3MT challenge because is it a great skill-building opportunity for graduate students.  It is also a public showcase of the importance and relevance of graduate studies - a theme CAGS has been working hard to promote.