Trinity Western University partners with Baylor University to create new pathways for Engineering and Business students

Students will gain global experiences by studying in Canada and the U.S.

In today’s digital, global knowledge economy, broad international experiences and education in innovative and culturally-diverse institutions help graduates to stand out in the job market. That is why Trinity Western University is partnering with Baylor University to create international opportunities for students of Business and Engineering.

Two significant North American private Christian universities, Trinity Western University and Baylor University, are announcing a new strategic partnership that provides students of both universities with high-quality global educational experiences, a wider variety of program options, and greater access to post-graduation pathways.

Dr. Mark Husbands, President & Vice-Chancellor at TWU remarks, “Success in a rapidly changing world is much easier when you have strong, innovative, international partners. Similarly, collaboration among institutions of excellence is key to solving complex global problems. TWU is thrilled to partner with Baylor University. Together, two like-minded, global, and innovative Christian universities have the opportunity to equip students with the knowledge, leadership skills, international experience and faith formation necessary to flourish amidst disruption."

"Together, two like-minded, global, and innovative Christian universities have the opportunity to equip students with the knowledge, leadership skills, international experience and faith formation necessary to flourish amidst disruption."

— TWU President Mark Husbands

Advance in Business with the BBA and MBA Pathway Program

Students who complete undergraduate studies at Baylor University can advance onto graduate studies at Trinity Western University in Canada and pursue an MBA degree at TWU’s brand-new centre for business and global engagement, the Robert G. Kuhn Centre in Langley, or at TWU’s Richmond campus located in the heart of the city.

“TWU’s MBA program provides an ideal next step for Baylor students who are looking to increase their global experience and explore broader opportunities within North America," said Dr. Chen Liu, Director of MBA Programs. "Studying business in the U.S and Canada gives MBA graduates an added edge in today’s competitive environment. We are excited to partner with Baylor and provide their graduates with a facilitated entry into the only Christian and values-based MBA program in Canada and a bridge to the Canadian job market.”

Through this strategic partnership, students can experience living and studying in both the United States and Canada. Beyond experiencing education and life in two countries, students will have the opportunity to network with peers from around the world. Baylor’s business graduates may gain advanced standing in the TWU MBA program by waiving up to nine academic credits (subject to standard admissions adjudication). Graduates of the TWU MBA program may potentially gain residency in Canada post-MBA graduation and seek employment opportunities under the Canadian Post-Graduation Work Permit Program.

Guided entry from Pre-Engineering into Engineering

Students who complete their pre-Engineering studies at Trinity Western University can advance onto Engineering studies at Baylor University. Baylor University offers undergraduate degrees in General Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, as well as many graduate-level options. TWU is thrilled to be able to expand our offerings in the Engineering area through partnering with Baylor University and help students continue to learn in a faith-based environment.

Dr. Glen Van Brummelen, Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences at TWU, remarks, “The world needs Christian engineers. We’re grateful for the opportunity to team up with Baylor University’s engineering program, providing our students a new pathway to careers where they can design our world in ways informed by our shared faith.”

A partnership of two Chrisitian institutions

Baylor University's Vice Provost for Institutional Research and Professional Education Gary Carini remarks, "We are excited to bring more opportunities to our students with this special partnership with TWU. Through these two strong Christian institutions, we are confident that we will educate our students for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within our caring communities."

"Baylor has now uniquely carved its way in the marketplace as a Christian higher education institution that's competing at the highest level globally," Baylor University's Senior Director of International Admissions Anis Qourzal remarks. "Partnerships like these will provide our students the opportunity to make an impact around the world, and I'm excited to witness the bright future ahead for both of our institutions."

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