TWU’s Gender Studies Institute engages church and cultural dialogue, hosts upcoming panel discussion 

The Gender Studies Institute at TWU fosters interdisciplinary teaching, intellectual dialogue, research, and collaboration in all areas of gender studies. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, the institute encourages students and scholars to investigate gender issues that come out of every discipline. By exploring how categories such as class, race, and gender intersect, the institute seeks to train leaders who will enjoy and foster restorative gendered relationships.

This fall, the Gender Studies Institute hosts its first in-person event after a season of online learning: the long-running Gender Café events resume this week on Oct. 13. Featuring a discussion on an article in Christianity Today, “Sex Scandals and the Evangelical Mind” by Bronwyn Lea, the Oct. 13 Gender Café engages the author’s inquiry of “the possibility of healthy brother-sister relationships in the church.” Panelists include TWU faculty members Dr. Robynne Healey, Dr. Holly Faith Nelson, and Dr. Katie Steeves.

In her article, Lea expresses, "I’m concerned that when stories of scandal ring in our ears and wring out our hearts, our vision for what the community of faith could and should look like becomes stunted and malformed by fear. I’m concerned that we despair, withdraw, and give up because our fear of getting it wrong overrules the command to love the brother and sister right next to us."

She offers a thought-provoking question, "How, then, can we cultivate communities with healthy male-female relationships?"

Gender Studies Institute hosts Gender Café

Date & Time:        Thursday, October 13, 2022, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. 

Location:              Graduate Collegium, Fosmark Building, TWU Langley campus

Topic:                   “Sex Scandals and the Evangelical Mind” (Sep. 6 article in Christianity Today)

Panelists:              Robynne Healey, Ph.D. Holly Faith Nelson, Ph.D., and Katie Steeves, Ph.D.

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Offered through the Gender Studies Institute, a multi-disciplinary minor in gender studies provides students with several courses, ranging from feminist philosophy to engendered history. Learn more at Gender Studies at TWU.

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