Holly Faith Nelson
Professor and Chair of English; Co-Director of the Gender Studies Institute


Holly Faith Nelson, Ph.D. is Professor of English and Co-Director of the Gender Studies Institute at Trinity Western University. She has co-edited The Broadview Anthology of Seventeenth-Century Verse and Prose (Broadview), Eikon Basilike with Selections from Eikonoklastes (Broadview), Of Paradise and Light: Essays on Henry Vaughan and John Milton in Honor of Alan Rudrum (University of Delaware Press), James Hogg and the Literary Marketplace: Scottish Romanticism and the Working Class Author (Ashgate), Through a Glass Darkly: Suffering, the Sacred, and the Sublime in Literature and Theory (Wilfrid Laurier University Press), Robert Burns and Transatlantic Culture (Ashgate), French Women Writers: The Significance of the Spiritual (1400-2000) (University of Delaware Press) and Topographies of the Imagination: New Approaches to Daniel Defoe (AMS Press). Her articles have appeared in journals such as Studies in English Literature, Studies in Philology, Eighteenth-Century Fiction, English Language Notes, the George Herbert Journal, Connotations, Scintilla, and Studies in Hogg and His World, as well as in a number of collections on British literature of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. She cofounded and coedited with Dr. Katherine Ellison Digital Defoe: Studies in Defoe & His Contemporaries, an online, peer-reviewed, multi-media scholarly journal (2009-2015). She cofounded and codirects the Gender Studies Institute at Trinity Western University. She is also the creator/author/editor of the James Hogg Blog. She is currently completing a SSHRC-funded monograph with Dr. Sharon Alker, entitled Besieged: Early Modern British Siege Literature, 1642-1722, and an essay collection with Dr. Jim Daems, entitled Games of War in Early Modern English Literature; and she recently helped to organize the second World Congress of Scottish Literatures: Dialogues and Diasporas (June 21-25, 2017). 

Research & Scholarship


B.A., Ph.D. in English (Simon Fraser University)

Continuing Education:

University of Oxford: Digital.Humanities@Oxford

     Introduction to the Digital Humanities (July 2014)

University of Victoria: Digital Humanities Summer Institute

     Digitization Fundamentals and their Application (June 2014)

     Text Encoding Fundamentals and their Application (June 2012)

University of Glasgow: FutureLearn

      Robert Burns: Poems, Songs and Legacy (February 2016)

Awards & Honors

  • SSHRC Connections Grant. Co-Applicant, World Congress of Scottish Literatures: Dialogues and Diasporas (with Leith Davis, Principal Investigator, and Scott Mackenzie, Co-Applicant) (2017).
  • SSHRC Standard Research Grant (2011-2014). Principal Investigator of "The Spaces of War: Representations of Combat Zones in British Literature, 1642-1715"
  • Canadian Society for the Study of Women in Education Recognition Award for the Gender Studies Institute (2012)
  • Invited Lecturer, "The Edge of Scottish Romanticism: James Hogg, 'king o' the mountain and fairy school.'" Joseph Schick Lecture Series: Literature, Languages, or Lexicography prior to 1900, November 15, 2012 (with Sharon Alker).
  • Visiting Scholar, English Department, University of British Columbia (2009-2010)
  • SSHRC Research Workshop Grant. Collaborator: "Robert Burns and Transatlantic Culture" (2008)
  • TWU Research Grant: Principal Investigator: Gender and Religion Research Symposium (2008)
  • Invited Lecturer, "The Other Scottish Bard: James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd," Centre for Scottish Studies at Simon Fraser University SFU Harbour Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia (2008)
  • Priscilla and Stanford Reid Trust Grant (with Lynn Szabo) (2007)
  • Invited Symposium Conferee, "Liberty, Monarchy, Regicide: The Trial and Execution of Charles I," Liberty Fund Conference, Cleveland, Ohio (2007)
  • Invited Roundtable Speaker: "From the Monarch to the Mob: Editing Early-Modern Religious Works," Roundtable on Scholarly Editing, Christianity and Literature Study Group, ACCUTE, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (2006).
  • SSHRC Small Research Grant (SSHRC Institutional Grant) (2006)
  • Davis Distinguished Teaching Award (2005)
  • SSHRC Small Research Grant (SSHRC Institutional Grant) (2005)
  • SSHRC Small Research Grant (SSHRC Institutional Grant) (2004)
  • SSHRC Small Research Grant (SSHRC Institutional Grant) (2003)
  • Professional Research Fund Travel Grant (2002)

Recent Publications


Selected Articles

  • “Literary Print Culture in Restoration Scotland.” The International Companion to Scottish Literature, 1600-1800. Ed. Leith Davis and Janet Sorenson. Forthcoming Association for Scottish Literary Studies, 2019 (with Sharon Alker).
  • “Collaboration in the Humanities: The Art of the Academic Dance.” Forthcoming Eighteenth Century Fiction (Summer 2018) (with Sharon Alker).
  • “Anon. The Progress of the Christian Pilgrim.” The Cambridge Guide to the Eighteenth Century Novel, 1660-1820. Ed. April London. Forthcoming 2018. Cambridge University Press.
  • Alker, Sharon, and Holly Faith Nelson. “Scottish Literature, Periodization and the Liberal Arts Curriculum.” Studies in Scottish Literature 43.1 (2017): 37-45.
  • "A Good Christian, and a Good Natural Philosopher': Margaret Cavendish's Theory of the Soul(s) in the Early Enlightenment." Forthcoming Studies in Philology 113.4 (Fall 2016).
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  • "Spiritum nolite extinguere': Reading Religion in the Works of Christine de Pizan." In French Women Authors: The Significance of the Spiritual (1400-2000). Ed. Kelsey L. Haskett and Holly Faith Nelson. Newark, DE: University of Delaware Press, 2013.
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  • "Trauma and Transcendence: An Introduction," Through A Glass Darkly: Suffering, the Sacred, and the Sublime in Literature and Theory. Ed. Holly Faith Nelson, Lynn R. Szabo and Jens Zimmermann. Waterloo, ON: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2010. xv-xxvii.
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 Book Reviews

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 Work in Progress

  • Besieged: Early Modern British Siege Literature, 1642-1722​. [Monograph in progress, co-authored with Sharon Alker.]


late medieval women's writing, early modern British literature, British civil war literature, literature of the long eighteenth century, Scottish literature, gender and literature, theology and literature, and politics and literature

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses:

English 103                      Introduction to Poetry and Short Fiction

English 104                      Introduction to Drama and the Novel

English 213                      Major Authors

English 219                      Studies in Short Fiction

English / Drama 351         Shakespeare I

English / Drama 352         Shakespeare II

English 392                      Fantasy Literature

English 422                      Chaucer

English 430                      Medieval Literature (Mysticism)

English 451                      Drama to 1642 Excl. Shakespeare         

English 453                      Milton

English 454                      Renaissance Poetry and Prose

English 456                      Seventeenth-Century Women Writers

English 466                      The Early English Novel

English 490                      Literary Theory (I)

English 495                      Literary Theory (II)

Graduate Courses:        

English 553                      Milton

English 556                      Seventeenth-Century Women Writers

English 600                      Text and Interpretation

English 607                      Shakespearean Trauma

English 607                      The Works of William Cowper

English 607                      The Eighteenth Century Novel

English 607                      The Works of Samuel Johnson

English 607                      Milton and the Romantics

English 610                      Research in English Studies

English 615                      Early Modern Devotional Literature

English 640                      Science Fiction 1600-1900