Gender Studies Institute

Studying and Researching Gender at Trinity Western University

Our students must be prepared to be sensitive to the nuances of gender in both the private and public sectors. The Gender Studies Institute fosters interdisciplinary teaching, intellectual dialogue, research, and collaboration in all areas of gender studies. The interdisciplinary nature of the institute will enable TWU scholars to collaboratively address with students gender issues that come out of every discipline, such as domestic violence, child abuse, and gendered visions of care, exploring how categories such as class, race, and gender intersect, to train leaders who will enjoy and foster restorative gendered relationships. The role of our Christian faith in the working out of gender in all aspects of life will inform our teaching and research.

MacLeans Article 3M Award

Recent Book Publication by GSI scholar and GSI Advisory Board member: Dorothy M. Peters with Christine S. Kampen. Daughters in the House of Jacob: A Memoir of Migration. Winnipeg, MB: Kindred Productions, 2016. 

Current Members of the Gender Studies Institute: 

Robynne Rogers Healey, PhD (co-director), Professor of History and Gender Studies
Holly Faith Nelson, PhD (co-director), Professor of English and Gender Studies
Ruth Anaya, D. Litt et Phil, Assistant Professor of Leadership
Kelly Arbeau, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology
Chelsea Beyer, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Dirk Büchner, PhD, Professor of Religious Studies
Melinda Dewsbury, PhD, Executive Director of Learning Commons
Bob Doede, PhD, Professor of Philosophy
Monika Hilder, PhD, Professor of English
Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham, PhD, Professor and Dean of Nursing
John Klassen, PhD, Professor Emeritus of History
Marvin McDonald, PhD, Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology
Ruth McGillivray, MA, Executive Vice-President, Northwest Seminary
Michael Morelli, PhD, Assistant Professor of Theology & Ethics, Assistant Dean, Northwest Seminary
Joanne Pepper, PhD, Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Darren Provost, PhD, Assistant Professor of History
Kevin Schut, PhD, Professor of Communications
Katie Steeves, PhD, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Na Wu, PhD, Sessional Assistant Professor of Modern Languages

Affiliate Members:

Alma Barranco-Mendoza, PhD, community member
Christina Belcher, PhD, community member
Lorraine Brett, community member
Allyson Jule, PhD, community member,
Sonya Grypma, PhD, community member