Curriculum Structure

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Core Courses

Course code Course title Sem. hrs
NURS 510 Foundations of Nursing Knowledge 3
NURS 520 Knowledge Synthesis 3
NURS 530 Nursing Inquiry I (Qualitative) 3
NURS 540 Nursing Inquiry II (Quantitative) 4
NURS 550 Health Care Policy (includes a 1-week online or in-person residency in Ottawa, Canada) 3
NURS 633 Health Care Ethics & Decision Making 3

Total core semester hours:


Elective Courses*

Stream Course Code Course Title Course Code Course Title Sem. Hrs
Education NURS 611 Perspectives on Nursing Education NURS 612 Learning/Teaching in Nursing Education 6
Leadership NURS 621 Perspectives on Nursing Leadership NURS 622 The Skills of Nursing Leadership 6
Advanced Nursing Practice NURS 631 Advanced Nursing Practice is taken as one elective in addition to one of the Leadership Electives 6
Other NURS 607 Directed Studies: Special Topics in Nursing OR Transfer course through the Western Deans Agreement 3

Total elective semester hours:


*Flexibility in choosing an elective stream.

Capstone Project*

Thesis Non-Thesis Knowledge Translation (KT) Project Course Based Sem. HRS
NURS 690 Thesis I NURS 692 Knowledge Translation I 3
NURS 691 Thesis II NURS 693 Knowledge Translation II 3
Total capstone semester hours: 6

*Includes a 10-week Thesis Seminar series.

Program Requirements

  • A total of 31 semester hours are required for graduation.
  • All courses must be completed with a minimum GPA of 3.00.
  • Students who do not maintain a B average in core courses may be requested to withdraw from the program.
  • Students must meet all graduation requirements within five years of beginning course work.
  • Core and Elective courses (except Directed Studies) are offered once per academic year.
  • Thesis students are required to maintain continuous registration in NURS 695 through completion.