Mel Smith Lecture and Scholarship

Trinity Western University is privileged to have access to the Mel Smith fonds and endowment, a memorial made in honour of the late Mel Smith, QC, who served for over two decades as the ranking constitutional advisor to the British Columbia government. The endowment has served to support students studying constitutional issues at Trinity Western University and funds the annual Mel Smith lecture held on campus.

Each year, the Mel Smith Endowment funds an award to an upper-level student who demonstrates strong scholarly aptitude and interests in line with the expertise of Mel Smith, namely the development and application of Canadian constitutionalism, constitutional and electoral reform, and Western Canadian concerns.  The annual application deadline usually comes in January each year.

The Mel Smith Lectures (TWU Archives): provides records of past lectures.

The Mel Smith Fonds (TWU Archives): provides access to the full catalog of documents in the Mel Smith Archives.

Contribute to the Mel Smith endowment online.


2000 – Amber Pashuk 
2001 – Jennifer Hamel 
2002 – Darren Friesen 
2003 – Leanne Neufeldt 
2004 – Jonathan Maryniuk 
2005 – Lindsay Bisschop 
2006 – Jay Dorey 
2007 – Lauren Hosty 
2008 – Donna Robertson 
2009 – Danielle Kooy 
2010 – Carla Breadon 
2011 – Katie Harper 
2012 – Brayden Koslowsky 
2013 – Damien Kurek 
2014 – Jordan Schroeder 
2015 – Madeline Gallard 
2016 – Darlene Rowlandson 
2017 – Jared Barkman
2018-2019 – Not Awarded
2019-2020 – Daniela Diaz Lombardo Arce 
2020-2021 – Sarah Dunn 
2021-2022 – Jessie Lees