Barbara Ann Hofmann, Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Ed.

Faculty Associate - Secondary Stream

The laws of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics, are some of the languages that God used to speak the universe into being. Knowledge of these laws can be instrumental in shaping students’ understanding of God’s love for his children and inspiring awe of His most incredible works. To be able to guide students along the journey of developing Christ- centered wisdom, critical thinking skills, interdependence, and compassion, is indeed an honour, and this needs to be taken very seriously by people choosing to become Teachers.

Barbara completed her Bachelor of Education at UBC Vancouver and has enjoyed teaching both in Vancouver and Kelowna for the past 15 years with a focus on inquiry and project-based learning in the sciences. She is married and has a daughter at the University of Victoria. Hiking, running, cycling, kayaking, and swimming are favorite pastimes.

B.Ed. Middle Years (University of British Columbia), August, 2004                                

Ph.D. Geotechnical Engineering (University of Alberta), January, 1997                

M.Sc. (Distinction) Civil Engineering (University of Alberta), May, 1989

B.Sc. (Distinction) Civil Engineering (University of Alberta), May, 1985


With 15 years of teaching science and mathematics in elementary, middle, and high school, Dr. Hofmann enjoys sharing effective inquiry and project-based learning techniques in the classroom. Proactive problem-solving is another area of interest and Dr. Hofmann enjoys challenges ranging from classroom management, to relationship building, and Geotechnical Design solutions.

Although not currently engaged in research, Dr. Hofmann thoroughly enjoyed completing a Ph.D. on utilizing in-situ ground freezing, with liquid nitrogen, to obtain undisturbed samples of sand for assessment of liquefaction potential during earthquakes.

Awards & Honors

  • Andrew Stewart Graduate Prize for Ph.D. Students
  • Province of Alberta, Graduate Fellowship and Graduate Scholarship
  • Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

Recent Publications

  • Hofmann, B.A., Sego, D.C., and Robertson, P.K., 2000, In-Situ Ground Freezing to Obtain Undisturbed Samples of Loose Sand, American Society of Civil Engineers, Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Journal, November 2000, Vol. 126, No. 11, 10 pp.
  • Hofmann, B. A., 1997. Undisturbed Sampling of Loose Sand, Obtained by In-Situ Ground Freezing, for Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential. Doctor of Philosophy Thesis, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Alberta.
  • Hofmann, B.A., Sego, D.C., Robertson, P.K., and Fourie, A.B., 1996a. Thawing Protocol of Undisturbed Samples of Loose Sand, Obtained by In-Situ Ground Freezing, for Laboratory Triaxial Testing. 49th Canadian Geotechnical Conference, St. John’s Newfoundland, pp. 579-586.
  • Hofmann, B.A., Robertson, P.K., Grapel C.K., Cyre, G., Lefebvre, M., and Natarajan, S., 1996c. CANLEX Phase III – Full Scale Liquefaction Test: Instrumentation and Construction. 49th Canadian Geotechnical Conference, St. John’s Newfoundland, pp. 587-596.
  • Cruden, D.M., Thomson, S., and Hofmann, B.A., 1991. Observations of Graben Geometry in Landslides, Slope Stability Engineering, ICE Conference, Proceedings, Isle of Wight, U.K., pp. 33-35
  • Hofmann, B.A., 1989. Soil Properties of the Devon Test Fill, Masters of Science Thesis, University of Alberta, 325 pp.

Affiliations & Memberships

British Columbia Teachers Federation

  • EDUC 456B, Curriculum and Pedagogy: K-07 Mathematics
  • EDUC 458B, Curriculum and Pedagogy: K-8 Science
  • EDUC 472, Curriculum and Pedagogy: An Introduction to Teaching the Natural and Mathematical Sciences Grades 8-12
  • EDUC 599, Ethical Issues in Diversity