Assistant Professor of English

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Jennifer Doede completed her B.A. at Simon Fraser University and her M.A. at the University of British Columbia.  She chose the field of literature because she believes that imaginative texts have the transformative power to change the way we understand ourselves and others in the world.  Her pedagogical goal is to awaken her students to the capacity of literature to deepen and enlarge their humanity. Her current research is on the history of the sublime and its connection to the aesthetics of Oscar Wilde.

Research & Scholarship


B.A. (Simon Fraser University); M.A. (University of British Columbia)

Recent Publications

Doede, Jennifer. "Perspectival Formalitas: Inscaping the Heart of the Matter." Forthcoming Love, Knowledge and the University. Ed. John S. North. Waterloo, ON: North Waterloo Academic Press, 2014. Print. 


first-year English

Courses Taught

Writing 100: Writing in the University Context

English 103: Introduction to Fiction

English 104: Introduction to Poetry and Drama

English 290: Special Topics and Themes in Literature (Gerard Manley Hopkins)